I hand you the rope, a mischievous gleam in my eyes.

You know what to do, we’ve played this game before.

I feel my desire growing as the fabric binds my wrists, the sense of urgency takes over.

I want you. On me, inside me, all over me. Patience, however, is a virtue and I’m a good little girl so I’ll wait.

Next comes the blindfold, satin and smooth. So different from the sensation on my wrists.

Bound and helpless as a newborn kitten, I have no choice but to follow you as you lead me to the bed.

You lay me down and I can feel the sensation of your hands: rough and calloused as they untie my robe.

The air hits my breasts and my nipples become erect, goosebumps raise on my skin.

I lay there in silence, willing you to continue, my mind begging you not to stop. Every kiss, every flicker of your tongue is electric. Wave after wave of pleasure passes over me and through me.

My fingers flex and close. I want to dig them into your skin, run my hands through your hair, and caress your face.

It seems this sweet torture will last forever as my hips arch up to meet your fingers. My knees open like a flower, inviting you into my stamen.

Suddenly you are inside me, thrusting, moving; a moan escapes from my lips. Your cock fills me and I can feel your want from all sides.

Our bodies move as one, we are no longer two. The puzzle pieces that fit, we move in sync, bringing one another to the edge of bliss.

My legs wrap around your waist like a boa, squeezing tight as my orgasm takes me over the edge and down into the waters of relief.

Moments later, your hips shudder as you cum. deep inside me. Your body heaves and then you relax. Our lips meet in a final embrace.

You untie my wrists, I remove the blindfold from my eyes. We lay there, you and I, two who became one, now two again; and fall contentedly asleep.

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