The plane touches down. It seems we taxi on the runway forever. My patience is wearing thin and I am ready to go. He’s waiting, just outside that gate. I can almost feel his presence and I silently will time to speed up so I can be in his arms once more.

Finally, after what seems like forever, the doors open and we make our leave. I want to push people out of my way but instead, polite girl that I am, I take my place in line and dutifully shuffle out the door.

As I make my way towards the baggage claim, I spot him, beautiful, strong, and mine. My feet take over and I begin to run, finding myself in his arms, kissing in the middle of the airport, oblivious to the stares that are coming our way.

I have felt incomplete, partial, all these months. As if my puzzle was missing a piece. There, in his arms, with his lips on mine; my piece is reconnected and I am whole.

We make the drive to his apartment, his fingers never leaving mine. The chemistry between is so strong, you can feel it in the air. There are jolts moving from his hand to mine. My body is responding like it never has with another. I feel alive, electric, like the most desired woman in the world.

We enter the apartment and in seconds are on one another. Mouths and fingers and legs, all intertwining to become one. He walks with my wrapped around his waist to the sofa where he sits down, me straddling his waist. He kisses my neck and a shiver runs down my spine.

His hands, so strong and large are suddenly on my dress. No patience for removing it, he rips it in half, casually tossing the pieces aside as the air hits my now naked breasts. Next come my panties, ripped off my sides. I am naked, wet, ready to feel him inside me.

He pushes me down, onto the couch, removing his shorts. He stands there above me, naked and hard. His muscles tense, his cock at attention. God how I want him. Need him. Desire him. It’s all I’ve thought of these long months apart. His touch, his kiss, the way he would feel moving against me and in me.

My knees spread, and his fingers explore me, as he kisses my stomach and moves lower. I grab his head and hold his ears, his mouth is the player and I am his violin. His tongue explores my inner recesses, as I moan in pleasure. “Please” I beg him. “Please, now. I need you, I need you right now.”

I close my eyes to receive his kiss, the taste of me still on his lips. He enters me and my legs are around him, holding on tight. Pleasure comes in waves, from my head to my toes and back again. Our bodies are moving in unison, two people who are connected body, mind and soul. We move as one, he on top, then me. It is a seamless dance, one that we have done from lifetime to lifetime and now perform again.

He sits up, bringing me with him, my breasts pressed into his chest, his hands on my ass as he guides my hips. My toes curls as the spasms start. I yell his name out loud. This moment, this man; it is bliss. Sheer, beautiful bliss.

I whisper in his ear “Cum inside me. Please. Please cum inside me. I want to feel you let go.” He looks me in the eyes as he finds release, our bodies collapsing in a heap on the sofa, exhausted and covered in sweat.

There is no place like home I think, and in that moment, it has never been more true.

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