If You Only Knew

If You Only knew

It was so innocent, so normal really. A chance meeting and a spark. A tiny glimmer of recognition that somehow, someway, we had met before. I felt it when you touched my hand, this jolt that went straight into the bottom of my feet. There was instant recognition in my body, a primal urge to have you and take you where you sat.

I’m sure you noticed me watching you through the corner of my eyes. I couldn’t help myself. Although I was there with someone else, I could not take my gaze off your face, that face that felt so familiar yet was so strange. Oh the thoughts that ran through my head. I’m sure at some point that night I blushed, more than once. After all, here I am, a married woman, a good woman who never does wrong, yet in my head I think I fucked you that night a half a dozen times.

I wondered what your lips would taste like, what your skin would smell like in the heat of passion. You sat there so pleasantly eating the chips that our hostess provided, while I, well I, was mentally undressing you with my eyes, imaging the muscle that lay under your shirt. Imagining what delight might await me if I unzipped those jeans that clung to your thighs. I wondered what your cock felt like, if it would be rigid and strong as it moved inside me. Would I scream out when I came or bite my lip and hold on tight?

I grew wet with excitement, sitting there at that table; making polite conversation about nothing, while my mind had you bending me over the chair and fucking me from behind. The blood began rushing between my legs, and I could feel my panties becoming moist. I asked you to pass the dip as I was imagining be rammed hard against a wall, my legs wrapped around your waist like a snake squeezing her prey.

The night ended and we had to say our goodbyes. I left with him and you left with her and when I got home that night, I fucked him silly all the while imagining your face.

If only you knew the thoughts that went on in my mind…..if only….

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