It’s midnight. The window is open and the breeze caresses my face. The scent of rain mingles with the honeysuckle and drifts inside. My music is on and I find my body swaying to the beat. A song comes on, the one that reminds me of you. Slow and rhythmic I find myself taken back, awash in memory of our night together. Our last time.

In the dark, under the soft cotton of my sheets, I remember how you felt, how you taste. Remember the way your cock felt in my mouth, my tongue circling around it, taking in every inch of you. I think of you naked on top of me, inside of me. Taking control and owning what is yours. Letting go and giving in. The ultimate vulnerability, the ultimate turn on.

As my mind wanders my fingers become an instrument, ready to play. My hands are your hands exploring my body from head to toe. Running down my neck, finding my breasts. The feel of your lips on my nipples as they stood erect, responding to your touch. Your lips on my back, your breath, hot; wanting.

Further and further down till my fingers, your fingers are deep inside me. Moving slowly, deeper, faster. My hips arch wanting more, wanting to feel every inch. My thumb finds my clit and circles it, sending electric shocks down my legs. I crave more, need more. Can’t get enough. I’m wet, slick like silk, open and inviting, wanting you so bad in this moment it’s painful. I go back to the movie in my mind, the sound of the music, the feel of your body in mind. My breath comes quicker, my hands move faster. I tilt my head back and feel my hair grazing my ass, the wind coming through my window giving me goosebumps.

A moan escapes from my lips. Through the veil of my closed eyes I imagine your face. See your eyes. I look into them as I cum. Letting you see my desire, see my want. In the dark, in the night, when I am alone and missing you, I see your face, whisper your name. Finally, with shaky legs and sweat beading on my skin, I fall back into my sheets. The scent of the rain in the air, a smile on my lips as I drift off dreaming of you and the next time we meet.

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