The Club

The Club

I spot you across the room and for just a second your eyes meet mine. Slowly I make my way toward you. The music changes and the rhythm flows through me, my hips swaying to the beat.

I don’t say a word, just silently grab your hand and bring you out onto the floor where we move from left to right, our hips closing the gap and touching tight.

Looking you in the eyes and then lick my lips. “Do you want to touch me?” I ask. Smiling when the nod of your head says what your lips do not. “Then come with me.” I say. “I’m in the mood to play.”

I lead towards the back of the room. A small, dark corner of the bar where we can be alone. I sit you on the chair, pushing your back against the worn leather, my hands grazing your chest as the trail down to your thighs.

Straddling you, my skirt rises over legs, giving you a peak of my white cotton panties that are soaked with my desire. I grab your hand and put your fingers inside my skirt, letting you feel the effect you are having on me.

Your erection, now rock hard, brushes my leg and I’m eager to see what you feel like. Quickly I unzip your jeans, releasing you from your denim cage, your cock beautiful and solid in my hand.

I push my panties aside and place you inside me, my hips moving to the beat of the music, my hand on your mouth to keep you quiet.

I bend down and bite your neck, the taste of your flesh between my teeth, my orgasm building to a peak. Faster, harder, back and forth, my hair falls into your eyes, I grip your shoulders tight as I find sweet release. Seconds later with a final thrust of my hips, you join me, spent and sweating, a smile on your face.

I stand up and adjust my clothing, reapply my lipstick and kiss your cheek. I do not know your name, nor you mine yet somehow, I have a feeling, it a night neither of us will soon forget.

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