Waking Up


My glass of wine sits half empty on the table, next to the book I tried reading but have made little progress on. I am trying not to watch the clock, failing miserably in the effort. Its two hours past the time he was supposed to arrive. Two long hours of waiting, wishing, willing him to walk through the door. How was I to know a chance meeting at a coffee shop would change my world? How could I have known that I would be woken up, after what felt like a lifetime of slumber?

I bumped into him on my way out the door. Tall and dark, he was bundled up in a sweater and scarf, protecting himself from the snow as he walked inside. Our eyes met. It was quick but I swear I felt electricity shoot between us in that single glance.

“Excuse me”, I said. “I didn’t see you”
“Not a problem” he said, as he flashed a brilliant white smile.

I felt a pang of disappointment that I was leaving as he was coming in. I scanned my mind for any valid excuse I could use to stay but found none. Serendipitously my wallet fell from my bag as I left. Being scattered on a good day, I didn’t notice until I reached my car and began to dig around for it.

Hurriedly I placed my items in my car and went back inside. There he was, sitting at a table, all alone, my wallet casually placed in front of him, as if he knew I would be coming right back.

“You found it” I said, “Thanks”. I felt my cheeks get warm as my fingers brushed his. “My name is Sara” I blurted, still uncertain why I felt the need to introduce myself but nonetheless, there is was. “Kurt” he said, and flashed that smile once more. “If your not in a hurry, would you care to join me?”

Now even though I had just bought a coffee (that was currently getting cold in my car as I stood there mentally undressing him with my eyes), I found myself saying yes and standing in line to purchase the same drink! We began to chat, hours passed by in seconds and the shop was ready to close. A quick hug between us brought another electric jolt and a wetness between my thighs. I left smiling like a school girl with her first crush, still unsure of how this had happened to a girl like me.

The plain janes, the weird, quirky ones; we didn’t bump into hot, random men at coffee shops. I still wasn’t 100% sure that it wasn’t a dream. A single text, Can’t stop thinking about today, brought it all into focus. It wasn’t a dream, this was real and it was happening to me.

I’m not ashamed to admit I did a little happy dance in my living room, all alone (the dogs don’t really count do they?) and decided that maybe for once, lady luck was smiling on me instead of trying to piss on my shoes.

Now here it is a few months later, things have been better than good, they’ve been incredible and I am once again pacing my living room, wondering if perhaps the shoe has finally dropped and my fairy tale has come to an end. I am awake, fully, beautifully, gloriously awake for the first time in my life. I am terrified it will end and I’ll be forced back into the dull and lifeless.

Just as I’ve worked myself up into a proper frenzy, the jingle of my doorbell brings me back. I look out the window and see him standing there. Rubbing his hands to ward off the cold, pulling his scarf tighter around his neck. A single rose is tucked in his waist band, peach, not red.

I open the door and grab him by the lapels. I don’t care why he was late, don’t even want to ask. Right now, this very moment, I have a need to satisfy and he is there just in time. I pull him inside and throw him onto my couch. My fingers find the buttons of his coat, removing it from his body, then his shirt. My mouth finds his skin and suckles on his neck. I inhale the scent of him, the slight undertone of cologne mixed with maleness and find my desire growing by the second.

His shirt comes off, then his pants. He sits there naked, hard, gloriously muscular and fit. My hands run down his chest, feeling the tautness of his skin, sliding down his thighs and onto his cock. I am on my knees, between his thighs, taking him into my mouth. He begins to pull at my clothes but I raise my hand to make him stop.

He made me wait, now it’s his turn. He throws his head back and a moan escapes his lips as my tongue finds the head of cock, sucking on it like a greedy child with a lollipop.

I stand, licking my lips as the taste of him is on my tongue. Staring him in the eyes, I slowly, delicately remove my top. My skin breaks out in goosebumps as the air hits my skin. My nipples grown firm and hard. Once again he reaches for me, once again I move back. It’s part of the seduction, the game.

One of the many things we found we had in common. We both like to please. We both like to tease. Sex can be an art, a brilliant, masterful production between two conductors when you play your bodies right.

Slowly, so slowly, I slip off my pants, standing only in my black panties made of the thinnest silk. I straddle him on the couch, bringing his mouth to my breasts, as I grind into his erect cock, the silk the only barrier between what I want to give him and what he wants to receive.

My hips move forward and backward, side to side. I can almost orgasm just from the friction of this movement against my clit, but patience is a virtue and I am looking forward to what comes next. I bite my bottom lip as a sound of pleasure escapes from my mouth when suddenly I am mid-air, finding myself on my back. My wrists, tiny and bird-like are pinned in one of his hands and placed over my head, as he uses his other hand to explore what he wants to take.

I arch my back, giving him deeper access inside me, feeling myself growing wet with desire with every thrust of his fingers. “Now” I tell him. “Now”, I beg. As I feel my panties slipped down my legs and suddenly he is on me and in me and the world melts completely away.

Our bodies sync up and our movements become fluid, water moving to its own undercurrent. He pins my arms down as he bites my neck, kisses my lips. I am lost. Lost in my desire and need. I am drowning in want and it feels so fucking good.

He releases my hands and they immediately go around his back. My fingers digging into his skin. I hold him as tight as I can, wrapping my legs around his waist. This moment, this movement, it’s heaven, its hell. Ecstasy and wrapped up into one and I want it to last as long as it can.

I feel myself climbing, higher and higher, the pressure building inside me, till I am certain I will burst. My finger nails dig into his back as I whisper in his ear “I want you to cum inside me. I need you to cum in me now”…all too happy to comply he thrusts deeper, harder, till he is as spent as I.

We lay there on the sofa, a tangled mess of arms and legs and sweat. The only sounds are the crackling of the fireplace and our breath as it comes back down. There will be time, time later to find out what happened; why he was late. For now, for tonight; as I run my finger across his cheek and kiss his lips, the only though through my head as I drift off to sleep is that I am finally, truly awake and I never want to go back to anything else.

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