I’m sitting here all alone. The steam from my bath invades my pores, making me feel flushed and warm. The lavender scented bubbles surround my skin and I breathe it in as I relax.

It feels good to be naked, surrounded by the warmth of the water, the slipperiness of the soap.

I find myself thinking of you, as I lay here in my tub. Thinking of the way your skin tastes on my tongue, the way your lips feel on mine.

My thoughts wander to our last night together, you, so strong and forceful. Taking what you’ve claimed, pulling my hair back, as you force me down to my knees.

“Who do you belong to?” You asked.

“You Sir”, I reply.

“Turn around, I don’t want to see your face.”

I try not to cry out as you enter me from behind. Your large, a Greek God in the flesh, and I am a small, tiny thing.

I bite my bottom lip, hard. I know the rules, I like the rules. I like giving up and giving in, letting you take control of my body. I like the release, the pain mixed in with the pleasure.

I’m your little doll, your toy. A plaything in the flesh that you can mold and have your way with.

As I think of these things I find my hand slipping under the water, my fingers finding their way between my legs and deep inside. They can’t replace your touch but for now they will do.

The water makes me slippery as I arch my hips up, inserting a finger into my ass. My head moves back as I close my eyes, rubbing my clit with my other hand.

God how I fucking want you. Right here, right now. Pounding my body into submission, making me remember who is the master of my flesh.

My breathing grows faster and faster as I imagine your hands holding me down, grabbing my throat as I begin to cum.

Wave after wave of pleasure rushes through me from my toes to my head. I smile and give one last deep breathe before I drain the water and get out of the bath.

Your little toy is all shiny and clean, waiting and ready for playtime….

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