The music is turned up loud. A slow jazz song is blaring through the speakers, the trumpet and piano intermingle, and I allow the sounds to relax me as I close my eyes and lay back on my bed. The cotton sheets feel good on my skin, soft and inviting. My hands start at my face, my fingertips tracing the outline of my jaw, then my lips. I find myself biting my bottom lip as a sigh escapes. Down to my collar bone, I trace the dip there, imagining what it would feel like to have lips, eager and wet on that very spot. Further down to my breasts, my nipples reacting to being touched. My skin breaks out in goosebumps, as I cup my breasts, slowly massaging them and taking in the sensation.

I trace a line down my stomach, breathing in deeply and giving a soft sigh. I think of him, his body, hard and lean. His hands rough yet gentle. I imagine his hands are mine as they move further down, slowly tracing a circle between my thighs. The music is still playing and I lose myself in it’s sounds.

My mind wanders to a place, far away, where it is just he and I, as the rest of the world sleeps. We kiss, touch, fuck. We lose ourselves in the night, in each other, exploring and discovering new things along the way. He is hard, excited, as eager to take me as I am to be taken. I slip my fingers inside me, taking in the soft warmth of my body, my desire growing with every thrust. I am soft, silken, wet,. I arch my hips, inserting the vibrator that sits next to me. The feel of my hands and the toy take my further and further. I can feel the pressure building, a volcano ready to erupt. I imagine him biting my neck just as the wave begins. It starts at my toes and goes up to the top of my head. My hips move in rhythm, inviting the spasm and pleasure to take over and take me away.

I lay in my bed, a sheen of sweat on my forehead, a smile on my lips. I listen to the sound of the trumpet playing on the radio, and close my eyes once more. He may not be here today but he will one day soon. In the meantime, I have a great imagination and plenty of toys. A girl can keep herself entertained while she waits. Patience is a virtue after all.

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