Let’s Go to the Movies

The theater is dark. Everyone is engrossed in the movie, their attention on the screen.

He puts his hand on my thigh, goosebumps break out on my skin. Without saying a word he slides his fingers under my skirt.

I’ve followed his orders and left my panties at home. Our eyes never leave the scene in front of us, no use drawing attention when it isn’t wanted.

This a new movie theater, the kind with the large seats, plenty of room for snuggling with a date. My coat slides over my legs as his fingers slide inside me.

I bite my bottom lip trying to keep my face as neutral as possible while waves of pleasure invade my brain.

Silent as a mouse I slide into his lap. His hard cock ready and waiting. I slip onto him, and take a deep breath.

Slowly, silently I rock my hips, all the while trying to keep the moan that wants to escape locked inside.

I almost lose it when he bites my neck. That soft, sensitive spot that gets me every time. My fingers dig into his jeans, gripping the strong thighs hidden inside.

He rocks his hips in time with mine. As the woman on the screen releases herself to her man, I find myself doing the same. My hair covering my eyes that are wild and cheeks that are flushed.

I climb off his lap, place his now satisfied and spent cock back inside his jeans. I kiss his cheek and place my head on his shoulder.

“Pass the popcorn” I tell him. “I’ve suddenly worked up an appetite…”

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