She Beast

It’s starting again. That restless itch. I can feel it, deep down inside of me, waking up and bubbling to the surface of my thoughts. When I start to feel this way, I know it’s inevitable that I will need to act. I fight it over and over but I always give in. I’m a she-beast, hidden underneath a veil of propriety and conservative looks. When the lock on my cage finally breaks, I have no choice but to let her out.

I can feel her now, pushing at the bars I’ve contained her in. Hear her begging to be released. She wants to invade my body and my mind, throw my inhibitions out the window and force me to experience my sexuality in it’s raw and true form. Reluctantly I get dressed. We’ve been through this many times before. A short black skirt, white cotton panties underneath, my legs, smooth and shaven, adorned by a pair of heels. A white top with my white cotton push up bra, the very picture of innocence and sex. My hair is thrown high in a messy ponytail, my makeup minimal. I know how to do this and I know how it works. We will pick one together, and see where the night takes us.

I make my way into the bar, it is crowded and dimly lit. There is a haze of smoke that fills the air, and if you stop and seek it out, you can smell desire as it circles and surrounds the men and women standing silently in their corners, waiting to be seen and wanted.

“That one” she whispers, “That one right there”, my eyes scan the room, stopping on the dark Adonis in the back. A shiver of excitement pulses through me, as our eyes meet. Perhaps, I too, give off the scent of want and need for it’s almost as if he smells her, that primal part of me, the one that is even now beckoning him to make his way toward me.

“Hi” he says. “Hello” I say back, a voice my own but not, telling him all the things I know he is waiting to hear. I am seducing him with my words, drawing him further and further into my web. The rational part of me, the one normally in control, suddenly freezes and begins to panic. “What are you doing? We can’t, you can’t!” it says. The wild one, the one I normally try to keep contained; she is louder, more forceful and at the moment, completely in control.

I silence my doubts as my hand touches his chest. A tilt of my head and a coy smile on my lips, oh yes, he’s getting the message. He grabs my hand, so pale and delicate and places it in his own. I follow willingly down through the crowd, waiting to see where we end up.

There is a small utility closet, hidden in the shadows next to the bathrooms. He leads me into the dark, tight space, and shut the door behind us. It smells of cigarettes and booze, an odd yet somehow comforting smell considering what we are going to do.

He grabs me by my waist, my skirt hiking up above thighs. Grabbing one leg then the other, he wraps me around him, snaking my legs across his hips, his hands cupping my ass. He kisses me, softly at first then rough, his need and desire growing with my own. His tongue becomes an extension of his fingers, exploring me, tasting me as he moves down my skin. I can feel him, hard and erect, his cock is huge and I want every fucking inch.

He moves my panties aside, already soaked with desire and anticipation, and pushes me down onto him. I gasp as he enters me. I am tiny, a mere 98 pounds, he is muscular, buff and larger than life. I can feel him filling my body and sending waves of pleasure into my toes.

My back is up against the wall and I grab him with my thighs, holding on, allowing him to steer the ship. Suddenly, my legs are being unwrapped and I am forcefully turned around. He takes me from behind, his teeth sinking into the sensitive part of my neck. I let out a moan, I can’t help myself. It feels so good, so right. Harder, faster, he pushes himself inside me, my face smashed against the concrete wall. I will have a bruise on my cheek in the morning when I awake but for the moment I don’t care.

I feel myself cumming, wave after wave of pleasure pulsing through my body. His wraps his strong arm around my waist, yanks my hair back with the other. He’s close, I can feel it and arch my back into him, moving my hips in sync with him, guiding him to his own release.

His body relaxes, his head bows and he gently kisses the back of my neck. “My God” he says. “I don’t even know your name”. “Nor will you” I say, bending down to adjust my skirt and brush the dirt from the wall off my legs. “Thank you” I tell him, kissing him softly on the lips.

I leave him there, in the dusty closet of the bar, a confused yet satisfied look on his face. Walking away I can almost feel her yawning, that she-beast of mine. She’s satisfied for now. Tired and happy, content from the hunt. I know she will awaken again soon, lately her slumbers have been shorter and shorter. Until then though, I can wait. For she and I are the same, and while you can cage something wild, you can’t tame it, no matter how hard you try.

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