Diary of a WebCam Girl

I walk in the door of my house and strip off my uniform. I am grimy and gross from a hard days work. I step into my shower, the heat from the water to washes away my tension and stress .

I don’t want to leave but it’s  almost 10 o’clock and my next job is about to start.

Wrapping myself in a thick cotton towel, I feel my nipples grow hard as the air hits them, while  goosebumps raise on my flesh. I oil my skin, the scent of Jasmine and Vanilla invading my nose. I rub the towel across my body then drop it on the floor.

Tonight’s performance goes deeper than I’ve yet to go and I’m determined to set the mood.

Looking through the makeup bag on my bathroom counter, I decide on ruby red. Carefully I paint my lips watching my mouth become vixen like as I apply my final touch. A slide of gold lip gloss completes my process and I step back to view my work. Bit by bit she’s coming alive. My alter ego, my Marcia Rose. I see her appear before the glass, makeup expertly applied, hair tossed and full of curl. She’s sexy, horny and eager to please.

I make my way to my bedroom, the place where the magic happens and look through my selections. I pick a black bra with red lace, the matching panties sitting next to them. Slowly, I dress, enjoying the experience of the silk on my flesh. Next come the thigh highs, the kind that require a garter. A silver chain adorns my belly, jingling as I walk. I go to my closet and select my heels, the stilletos tonight, the ones with the silver buckle in the front.

Dressed in my lingerie, I apply a dusting of scented powder, enjoying the scent that now radiates from my smooth and soft skin. They won’t experience this part but it helps me to set the mood and I enjoy it.

I light my candles, and turn my radio up. Slip into a red fluffy robe to hide the goodies underneath. I log into my account, and get myself ready for the show. My web cam starts up, the light from the camera shining in my eyes. One person logs in then two, then ten and more. It’s a packed “room” within 10 minutes and I’m ready to roll.

“Good evening everyone”  I say. “What’s your pleasure tonight?”

The requests pour in and so do the tips. “Turn around, show me your ass”, “Flash me your tits”, “Dance Marcia, dance.” “Skype with me beautiful” On and on it goes. I’m in a mood tonight, and they won’t leave disappointed.

It’s show time and I’m the star. Looks like tonight will be a good night. I lube up my dildo and get ready to perform. All the world’s a stage after all, and tonight, I’m gonna play my part.

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