Green Light

I’m going to put it as simply as I can. I want you. I desire you. I think of the taste of your lips, the touch of your hands. I imagine what you look like naked under your layers of clothes.
I want to run my lips across your chest, make my way down to your thighs. I want to taste your cock, hard and strong as my tongue works it’s way down the shaft.
Want is such a pure thing, so raw and primal and powerful. When I see you, it is so hard for me to resist. I behave because I have to but God knows I don’t want to.
I want to throw you down right where you stand, pull down your pants and ride you like a wild animal in heat.
I fantasize about you in the dark, when I’m all alone in my bed. My fingers finding their way under the sheets and inside my clothes.
You’ve woken something up inside me. A curiosity. A need.
The question is do you feel the same? Do you think of me? Want me? Desire me too?
I can be your doll, your perfect storm. The fantasy girl come to life. Say you want me back and give me the green light. Go ahead.
You’ve never met a woman like me. Put your fears aside and take a chance. I promise you won’t regret it.

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