Body Talk

He walks in through the door. I know that look in his eyes. I shut it behind him and take him straight to my room. We don’t speak. We are past the point of needing to fill the silence with pointless babble. 

I point to my bed and he sits on the edge. I straddle his lap, allowing him to feel my bare ass underneath my dress. 

My lips find his and I kiss him passionately. His hands find the zipper on the back of my dress, and it falls off my shoulders exposing my small breasts. 

My fingers run across his cheek, then his ear. I can feel a thousand small pricks of electricity run through them as I touch his flesh. 

My need is growing stronger by the second and his erection under his jeans presses into my thigh. 

I grab his shirt and remove it, push him down onto my bed. With feverish fingers I undo his belt, unzip his jeans and pull them down. 

He is naked, beautiful, hard as a rock and all mine. Quickly I remove my dress and resume my spot above his hips. I place his cock in my mouth savoring the way it tastes. My fingers grasp his balls, cupping them in my hand as my other hand grips his shaft. 

He lets out a moan, and sighs with pleasure. The first sound he’s made since his arrival, the only sound I need to hear. 

I release him from my mouth and climb onto his lap. I gasp as I slide down his cock, feeling him inside me. My hips thrust back and forth, my body dancing a lovers rhythm. My fingernails scrape against his chest and I throw my head back, enjoying the sensation of my hair as it touches my ass.

His hands grab me by the waist and he pulls me down on top of him. His teeth sinking into the soft part of my neck. I feel myself cumming, my legs growing weak as my body begins to shake. 

He joins me moments later, his hips thrusting a final time as he cums deep inside me. 

We lay there for a moment, catching out breathe and holding each other close. After awhile he sits up, kisses me on my cheek. He dresses and walks to my front door.

I place a kiss on his lips and whisper goodbye in his ear. I close the door behind him with a smile on my face. 

Words aren’t necessary when you let your bodies to the talking.

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