I Kissed a Girl

The music is pounding in my ears. My body sways to the beat and I feel my heart race as I dance to the tune. 

I catch her looking at me through the corner of my eye. She stunning. Short, dark hair cropped at her chin. Green eyes and pale skin with ruby red lips. 

I smile at her as I turn to the beat, catch her smiling back. A slower song comes on and like a scene from a movie the crowd seems to part as she makes her way toward me. 

We don’t speak, she simply grabs my hand and leads me towards the center of the floor. She smells delicious and I fight the urge to kiss her neck. 

We begin to move to the music, our bodies drawing closer and closer. We are aware that a crowd is drawing, also aware, that in this moment, neither of us cares. 

My hands surround her hips and I pull her in close. Her breasts are pushed up against mind and my nipples harden in response. 

She grabs my ponytail and laces her fingers into my hair. “I’m Susan” she whispers, “I’m Tabitha”, I reply. 

Our bodies take over and we move as one. A new and beautiful creature that no one can take their eyes off of. 

She grabs my chin and kisses me. My tongue finding hers in response. We kiss and move across the dance floor, giving our hands permission to explore each other through our clothes. 

She has ample and succulent breasts. They are firm and solid beneath her white cotton shirt as I suckle on her neck. My hands cup them then trail down and around to her ass. 

I feel electric and alive, completely turned on. This is a new side to me and I am enjoying the experience. 

The song ends and from the corner she notices her friends motioning her to come back. 

She kisses me on the lips, the taste of her lipstick lingering.

A faster, harder song comes on and as the dance floor becomes crowded, I lose site if her. Her scent linges on my skin, her lipstick is mixed with mine. I smile as I close my eyes and sway to the new beat. Tonight I kissed a girl and guess what? I liked it…

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