Lovers and Friends

He walks through the door and I immediately fall into his arms. My legs wrap around his waist as he lifts me up to kiss me.

There is a current between us. One that runs deep. I feel it when he touches my hand, kisses my neck and lips.

We speak no words as he leads me into my room. We have been waiting all day and there is an unspoken need for release.

He undresses me, starting with my shirt and black bra, frees my breasts, welcoming them with his tongue. I lean back on the bed, watching his eyes as his hands reach for the button on my jeans. He slips them off slowly, his eyes never leaving mine.

I feel goosebumps raise on my flesh as the air hits my naked skin. I lift my hips, allowing him to take my jeans and toss them on the floor. My panties have become wet with the anticipation of what’s to come.

He leaves them on as his kisses my bare stomach, trailing his way towards the spot I like his lips best. He teases me over the silk, slipping his fingers under them and inside me. The build up is exciting and painful as I throb from desire. This is his favorite part. Where I’m squirming on the bed, moans escaping from my throat. I want him, need him, desire him like no other.

I close my eyes and breathe deep as I feel him slide my panties down my legs, his lips replacing his hand. My thighs grasp his head as I feel his breathe warm and eager on my skin. I come undone my hips arching and moving in sync with his mouth. My hands grasp his ears and my legs begin to shake. When I feel I can take it no longer, he is on top of me, inside of me, his cock thrusting deeply and hard.

I become the snake, coiling my legs around his waist in an anaconda’s embrace. My fingernails are talons eager to seek out his flesh and feel it underneath.

He sits up, changing our position, a man-child with his favorite doll, placing her on his lap. I press my body into his, wrapping my arms around him, our bodies turning into one primal and harmonious beast.

Our lips meet, I taste myself on his tongue, my kisses growing more intense, my passion growing with each thrust. We move in sync, pushing each other towards the edge, knowing we are about to fall. I feel myself cumming, a helpless voyager lost at sea as wave after wave of pleasure courses through my body. I spasm with release, feeling weak, spent, utterly content.

Moments later he joins me, his fingers digging into my back as he whispers my name over and over in my ear. We fall back onto the bed, a tangle of limbs. Naked and content I lay my head on his shoulder, my leg over his waist.

A nap and a meal is in order before we begin again. I will be bruised and sore in the morning but it is part of the price I pay for these moments of intensity and pleasure. We are two who unite to become one, a single, perfect union of flesh and body, desire and want. Friends and lovers, lovers and friends; it is a combination that I truly like.

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