Into the Woods

The road is dark and winding, full of curves. Its a full moon out tonight and and the sky is illuminated with stars. My hand is held tightly in his and the wind from the open window caresses my face. My hair blows into my eyes and I find myself smiling as I remove it from my face. It is a good night, a perfect night and will only get better.

We drive in happy silence, not needing words, allowing the energy that flows between us to do the speaking. After some time we arrive. A tiny little slice of Heaven in the middle of nowhere. A chorus of crickets, frogs and other creatures greets us as we open the doors and walk into the night.

He grabs me by the waist, lifting me in his strong arms to kiss my lips. Electricity shoots down into my toes and I feel beautiful, sexy, completely and fully alive. We walk into the camper, our need growing with each touch. The bed, tucked inside an alcove is our oasis. A place to play and explore. I cannot get enough of him. I feel obsessed. I crave his touch, his kiss. Want his fingers on me and in me. My nipples grow taut from his touch, my legs feel weak.

This isn’t the same as the others. It’s raw, primal, a visceral connection of the body and mind. We are animals in heat, mating to the music made by our naked bodies. Satiated for the moment, we collapse on the bed, our hands continuing to stroke and explore, relaxed and happy, a tangle of limbs and lips.

We make our way outside into to cool night air, goosebumps raising on my flesh as it hits my skin. There is a perfection in the silence, a stillness in the night. We gather some blankets and lay them on the grass. I want him again, need him. It grows inside me, a tidal wave overflowing the banks of my mind. We remove our shirts, naked in both body and soul. Vulnerable, painfully aware, he enters my body once more. My hands are nowhere, everywhere; my mouth takes in his skin, my nose his scent. All around me I hear the sounds of the woodland creatures and I feel connected to my body and the Earth beneath it.

I cum over and over again, the orgasm of the body, mind an soul. Satisfied, content, at peace, I lay in his arms in the middle of the woods in the middle of nowhere and think there is no other place in that moment I would rather be.

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