romance / short

Write With Me.

Cigarette in mouth, hands on the keys. My heart beats faster as I type. My head is spinning on a merry-go-round of thoughts. I find myself reliving our last night together. The way you felt, the way you looked. 

My music is up and my windows are down. The loudest sound is the one inside my soul. It is waking up, coming alive telling me to open my ears and listen.
Stolen glances in the dark, a kiss on the lips and neck. The way your arms feel, wrapped around my waist. It is pure and sweet, raw and real. Is it love? Is it infatuation? Perhaps it is both. These moments, these memories made, they are mine, they are yours, they are ours and so fucking beautiful.

I smile at the thought of your face, am wet at the thought of your cock. You excite me, move me, make me want more.

 I am a flower in bloom and you the gardener feeding my desires and want. The night beckons to me as the hours tick by. There are words and thoughts and thoughts and words and the flow together like water in the lake. Smooth on the surface yet deceptively deep.

My hearts been struck by lightening and I the girl on fire ready to create a blaze. I don’t know what comes next. Don’t know what it means. Perhaps that is the beauty of it all. The mystery, the suspense. The not knowing is the knowing. Leaving me wanting more, leaving me with a need I can’t explain.

Desire and lust, confusion and need. They are intermingled inside my heart. A spiders web of thoughts I which I am hopelessly caught. 

Am I yours? Are you mine? Is this what it means to fall hard and fast?

I cannot offer you the world, only moments in it. Glorious moments in which we write a melodious harmony. 

Pick up your pen and let the words flow into mine. This is our book filled with empty pages waiting for the words to be placed.
We aren’t meant to know what comes next, only to know the now. It is perfect in its mystery, let us write it together and fill each chapter with words that only we can read.

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