The ties are made of satin and black as midnight.

He grabs me by the wrists and lifts my arms above my head.

He ties the  first knot then the second securing my arms to the headboard.

He places the blindfold over my eyes and I am suddenly helpless, at his mercy and whim.

I feel my skin erupt with goosebumps, the soft spot between my legs turn wet with anticipation.

I cannot move, bound to my bed; only feel and react.

His lips start at my neck, his tongue flickering in and out. He is the snake and I am the mouse ready to be consumed.

Slowly, deliberately his mouth moves down my body. Stopping to explore and suckle the sensitive spots on it.

A kiss on my collar bone, a bite on my shoulder. He takes his time, letting my excitement build.

Strong hands come next, stroking and touching me.

I arch my back and spread my thighs. I know he will make his way to where I want him to be.

His breathe is warm and inviting as he blows on my nipples, taking my breasts into his mouth, and my nipples grow hard in response.

A moan escapes my throat. I’m in Heaven and this is bliss.

Giving up and giving in. No thought, only sensation. No worries, only pleasure.

He is an explorer, my body the map. The treasure buried just below my navel, and he is making his way to the X.

His fingers slide inside me, and my hips raise in response. “Now”, I tell him. “Please. Now.” He removes his fingers and replaces it with his cock. I gasp in reaction.

I am a vessel of need, want, desire and he is filling me up.

My legs wrap around his waist and we me move in sync. I am blind and bound yet completly aware.

He guides this ship taking body out of the churning storm and into calmer seas.

We cum together, wave after wave of delight flowing through each of us.

He unbinds my hands and my arms encircle his back. My fingers reach up to stoke his face.

Giving up isn’t always giving in. Sometimes it’s about letting go and when I do, I am free.

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