Heaven on Earth

There is a special place in the woods. It is our secret getaway from the world, my private slice of Heaven on Earth. Nestled inside a forest, sits a tiny camper. It is surrounded by trees and the chorus of the animals that call it home. Every week we hop in the car. We put the windows down and make the long drive to our oasis.

He holds my hand tightly in his as the wind streams through the windows. The music streams from the speakers, surrounding us in lyrics that resonate inside our souls. We laugh, and talk and take in the moment. It is a special time, this drive into heaven that we faithfully make.

We arrive at the camper, crickets and frogs greet us in response. The trees are dense and thick. They are majestic in their glory and I feel connected to the Earth and the scents of pine and grass. We park the car and I can feel my anticipation growing. I want to run from the car and into the warm embrace of his arms and his kiss.

I am patient, knowing that good things come to those who wait and this night, like the ones before it, are worth taking my time.

He places the key in the lock and we walk inside. We place our belongings on the teeny kitchen table and I send him to the back. I shut the partition that divides the spaces and dress for his surprise. I quickly undress, taking a deep breathe as the air hits my skin from the vent above. I put on my black bra, the one with red lace. Slide my black panties up my waist. I remove my ponytail and allow my hair to fall down my back and on my waist. He loves my long hair and tonight I aim to make him smile.

I place the black satin 6 in heels on my perfectly manicured feet. I walk slowly towards the door and slide it open, enjoying the look of surprise and arousal on his face putting a smile on mine. He grabs me, pulls me in close. Kisses me with abandon. He pulls me out in front him, soaking me in with his eyes. Once more he draws me close, placing me on his lap. I am an addict and he is my drug. I can’t get enough of his hands on my body, his lips on my face. On your knees he says and I willingly comply. I place his cock inside my mouth, a child with a lollipop, her favorite flavor to enjoy. My hands surround his shaft, working him in a thousand different way, the sounds from his mouth telling me I’m doing it right.

He lifts me off my knees, and places me on the bed. It’s a give and take kind of world and it’s my turn to receive. He removes my panties, bringing them down to my thighs. My hips raise in response, ready to receive his mouth. My legs close around his head and I hold onto the bed tight. I can feel it building, my need for release. When I can hardly stand it he moves his head back up my stomach, placing his tongue on mine. I can taste myself on his lips, smell my excitement on his skin.

He turns me around and places me on my knees, entering me from behind. I want to scream, I want to shout. It feels so fucking good and I feel it as a current from my head to my toes. My hips thrust and buck, a wild bronco in need of taming and he’s the cowboy with the rope.

I cum, over and over again. My legs shake in response, my breathe catches in my throat. I fall onto my stomach,a smile pasted on my lips. The nights not over, it’s only just begun. I love this place, our secret getaway from the world. It is our spot to explore and discover one another, our spot to just be. Heaven on Earth I think as I drift into a relaxed state of bliss. Heaven on Earth and with him, I’m discovering my wings.

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