Thunder and lightening clap in the distance. A storm is rolling in. The air is electrified, the scent of rain invades my nose. We sit on the wooden picnic bench, alone in the darkness, completely in sync. He reaches out and touches my face, a jolt goes through my toes.

I am naked under his shirt, the feel of the wood rough underneath my legs. The contrast of his touch and the bench beneath me is striking and my flesh breaks out in goosebumps. I feel my desire growing, it is an ache, a physical need. I lean in to kiss him and revel in the taste of his lips.

Suddenly I am in his lap, my legs wrapping tightly around his waist. I feel his erection growing, feel myself responding in kind. I want him. Need him. Desire him like none before. He picks me up and puts me on the bench, stands in front of me and removes his shorts. He stands there, in the dark, glorious in his nakedness, primed and ready for my body to meld with his.

I slide my ass off the bench, drawing him close with my legs. He enters me and I a moan in response. My heart racing, my hands gripping the wood beneath me tight. 

Lightening cracks once more, our shadows lighting up the night. The rain begins to fall, softly at first, then in great pouring sheets. We are drenched, inside and out. Our bodies performing a sacred dance of lust and carnal desire. We are one with the animals, giving in to need.
My arms grip his waist and I cum, releasing the tension built inside me. There are splinters in my skin and bruises on my legs. I will wake in the morning to discover his finger prints in my flesh where he has gripped me tight. For now though I am spent, content, gloriously awake and alive.

We walk hand in hand back into the house, leaving our rendezvous in the dark in the woods. Our sleeping neighbors non the wiser, our hearts fuller from the memory now stored within. We head to our bed, wrap ourselves under the sheets. The rain hits the roof above us and as I fall asleep, I realize, the thunder above matches the thunderclap in my soul.

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