She is cute. Petite and blonde, young and vibrant. There is an innocence yet sexiness too her and as she dances I can’t look away.

Hers eyes meet mine and I smile. Motion to her to come over. She makes her way through the crowd a smile on her cherry red lips. I grab her by the hips as I whisper in her ear “Hello sexy. Care to dance?” She grabs my hand and leads me onto the floor. Our bodies begin to move in time to the music. We know there are people watching, we don’t care.

I lean in and take in the scent of her hair. It smells of vanilla and cigarettes and the scent turns me on. I grab her and pull her in close to me. My breasts pressed against hers. I feel her hand snake around to my ass, where it rests, a nice fit. She looks at me and I lean in and kiss her. Her lips are soft, her breathe tastes of the alcohol she has just sipped.

Her tongue meets mine and I feel my heart rate increase. I close my eyes and kiss her harder. Oblivious to the crowd we are drawing. I’m a little drunk and a lot uninhibited and I’m enjoying the moment. There is a cage in the corner. 8 foot tall and metal, we make our way towards it hand in hand. We climb the short steps and enter into it’s embrace.

I know from up here the people below can get a flash of my panties and it gives me a thrill. I push her up against the bars, my hair sliding into my face. I move it out of the way and have her hold it as I kiss her neck then her breasts through her tight cotton shirt. I get on my knees and take in her scent, her excitement at what I am doing to her in public, for the crowd to see.

We dance in time, our bodies grinding, our heat coming off our bodies in waves. We are sweaty and hot and completely alive. The song ends and I kiss her once more. Thank her for the dance and make my way back into the crowd and to the people I’ve arrived with. We leave soon after, I’ve never gotten her name.

It’s ok, tonight, in my fantasies, when I’m touching myself under my sheets, I will call her Cherry and think of the way her lips tasted as I bring myself to release.

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