Erotica / short


There are two men in my life. One as dark as chocolate the other white as snow. Each moves and shakes me to the core. 

One, sweet and kind, the other rough and cruel. They appeal to my duality and my desire. I am the princess and the slave, ready to be pampered, ready to be confined.

They are the heads and tails of the coin of my soul and make me feel alive.

I am a good girl gone bad who loves the taste of sin. It is delicious, leaving me wanting more. 

Some day they will come together.I will put them in my bedroom, soak up the feast before me as they undress. I will let them fill my body as they fill my heart. Four hands, two lips, two rock hard cocks exploring all my secret places. My two lovers and friends, my perfect man split into two bodies and souls.

They excite me and turn me on. I carry my coin in my pocket, flipping it at random waiting to see which side it lands on, and which flavor I will get to taste.

Heads or tails, which will it be? I’ll flip my coin and let the night decide. If I’m lucky the coin will roll instead of fall and I’ll get them both at the same time.

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