anthology / Erotica / short


She walks through the door. I can’t help but notice her. Legs a mile high, skin as pale as winters snow. Her skirt clings in all the right places, especially on her derierre. 

Her heels are red and they match the color of her glistening lips. Her hair is dark brown and cascades down her back in waves. 

I am taken in and can’t look away. I’ve become charged and she is a magnet drawing me in. 

She glances my way and gives me a shy smile, then turns her gaze away. Unconsciously she plays with her hair, pulling it off to the side, exposing her creamy neck.

I wonder what her skin would taste like, I wonder how my teeth would feel sinking into her flesh. 

I stir my drink lost in thought when a tap on my shoulder brings me out of my reverie. 

“Hi” she says. Somehow she’s crossed the room and is suddenly standing there, right next to me. I catch a whif of her skin, it smells of vanilla, lavender and something more.

“Hi back”, I reply, finding myself at a loss for words. 

She smiles and her entire face lights up, her eyes, green I notice, come alive and I’m taken by the crinkle that appears on her nose. 

“I’m Samantha” she says. “I’m Mark,” I reply, extending my hand towards the perfectly manicured one that awaits it. 

“Mind if I sit?” She asks. “Of course not.” I say. “Please, join me.”

She tells me she’s knew in town, only just arrived. She’s taken a job downtown and doesn’t know anyone in the area outside of her cousin. 

This bar was recommended as a place to visit and so she took a chance and gave it a try. We begin to converse and I find that she is as smart as she is stunning.

The evening flies and conversation flows between us. I am trying hard to stay focused but every time she shifts in her chair her skirt hikes a little higher and and my eyes disobey my command to stay put.

I try to refocus my energy, keep my eyes on her face. A Boticelli come to life, it seems that no matter where I glance, the result is the same. 

I have become a painter and found my muse. I want to see the canvas beneath the tarp of her clothing. 

She seems to be on a similar wave length. Her hand has made its way to my thigh under the chair, long, thin fingers graze against my inner thigh.

“I know this might be forward, but I find you really attractive. I’m lonely, a bit drunk and a lot turned on. Would you like to get out of here?” 

My cock stiffens at her words. I grab those delicate little fingers of hers and place them on my lap, showing her my response. I am rock hard and need to get her out of here now.

I quickly pay our tab and place her hand in mine. We walk out to my car and I open the door. She slides inside, crosses those legs and leans her head against my leather seat. 

My mind is racing as I lean over the seat to kiss those ruby red lips. Expect the unexpected they say…I think from now on I just might.

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