Poetry / romance / short


When I build my walls, use your hammer to knock them down. 

If they get too high, use your ladder and find me within. 

Do not tell me with your words but show me with your heart and actions.

Place salve inside wounds that have cut into my soul. 

Guide me when I falter, lend me your eyes when I lose sight. 

Let your eyes be the mirrors that reflect my best self.

Help me understand that love should not hurt. It should not bleed or cause pain. 

Help me understand that not all are the same and that kindness and goodness aren’t myths but real.

I do not have money or riches or gold. I have these my words, and this my heart. 

I offer them to you with a caution sticker. Warning you they are fragile, asking you to take care.

Hold me close and don’t let go. Help me hold my pieces in the dark so together we can emerge in the light. 

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