Erotica / short

A Smoke and a Nap

His fingers slip beneath my panties, seeking the soft spot hidden within. He strokes my hair, a child petting a bunny, silken and warm. My breath releases as they find their way inside, stroking and touching my depths. I can feel myself growing wetter with excitement. If this is dinner, then we are at the appetizers, the main course is next.

I arch my back and lean further into the couch. My hand moving towards his face, touching the lips that I love. I close my eyes, a smile on my face, my hair spread around my shoulders like a blanket. Slowly he removes my panties, slipping them down my thighs. My moisture leaving a trail down my leg.

The air smells of sex and desire, combined with scent of rain. It turns me on and makes me want him more.

He leans in and kisses my neck, slow at first then hard. I feel his teeth sink into my flesh and I moan out loud. My hands grab his shoulders, and I dig my nails in.

He moves lower, placing my nipples between his lips. Suckling and licking, they grow hard beneath his expert touch. Lower and lower he goes, till he reaches my thighs. He kisses them gently, snaking his tongue in and out. 

He settles in, between my legs and his tongue become bff’s. My thighs press against his ears as my hips buck in response.

My legs begin to shake and my knees grow weak. He doesn’t let up. The tension begins to build as he licks my clit, rise as he puts a finger in my ass.

Now” I tell him. “I need you right now“. He complies. His are suddenly on mine, the taste of me filling my own mouth.

His cock inside me as far as it goes. He rams my body into the bed, making the springs squeak and my thighs quiver. “Harder” I tell him. “Fuck me harder. Don’t stop.”

My back gets pushed up against the bed frame as he pummels my body over and over. I’ll have bruises tomorrow where my back went against the wall but in this moment I don’t notice.

I can feel my orgasm building and when I do I feel it from my head to my feet. Wave after wave of pleasure greets me as he pushes his cock deeper in my body.

I take a moment to catch my breath. then look over at him and say: “Hand me my cigarette” 

I lay naked in my bed, an incredibly sexy man holding my right hand, my cigarette in my left. “A cigarette and a nap” i think as the smoke trails out of my nose. After what I’ve just experienced in my bed, it sounds like the perfect combination before I start us both up again. 

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