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Best Way of Waking Up….

It’s 5:30 am and I’m half asleep. I roll over to feel your naked body against me. 

My leg snakes around your waist and I’m greeted by your rock hard cock. 

I am immediately awake and turned on. I mount your lap and put you inside me, riding you hard, a cowgirl taming a wild buck. 

My lips press into yours, “good morning”. I whisper into your ear. 

I sit back up and continue my ride, my now tamed horse between my thighs. 

We cum together, our breath ragged and short

“Fuck Foldgers” I think as I lay on your chest covered in sweat. This is the best way of waking up.

One thought on “Best Way of Waking Up….

  1. Of course, following up a good morning ride with coffee in bed wouldn’t detract from the pleasure of either experience…
    This is a great little snippet, here. When friends or strangers contact me lamenting their failing sex lives, I almost always say, “Ever try morning sex?”
    It’s surprising how often the response is no. Why the heck not, though! It sets you up for the day! Nothing gets you down after a good morning romp, and that’s a fact. Thanks for sharing!

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