Desire and madness. Madness and lust. I am lost in a swirling sea of thought.

Your body naked, pressed into mine. Your arms holding me tight.

The window is open and the wind caresses my face.

The sounds of the night a symphony joining the music in my mind.

I want you, need you, lust for you.

My body craves your touch, my lips crave your kiss.

My brain says challenge me, the soft spot between my thighs cries out for release.

I am a woman possessed, in need of an exorciscm and you are my priest.

Take me to the booth and make me confess.

Put me on my knees as I genuflect before your grace.

Take me, kiss me, fuck me hard.

I am a prisoner of my desire and you the warden who holds the key.

Unlock me from the madness of my need and set me free.

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