Erotica / Poetry / short

Touch me

Touch me. 

Let your fingers be the composer and my body the keys. 

Kiss me. 

Let your lips be the match that ignites my spark.

Fuck me. 

Enter my body and claim what is yours for the taking.

Love me.

Show me with your actions you’re the man I think you are. 
Be mine and I’ll be yours. Give and take and take and give. Find ourselves while getting lost. 

Follow me through the night and emerge in the morning light.

Let the magic flow through you and in you. This is no trick. No slight of hand, no smoke and mirrors to be seen. I  real and I am yours.

Give  me what I need, I’ll give you anything you desire.

Take your place under the tree of my love and be wrapped inside my branches and comforted by my warmth.

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