Erotica / Poetry / romance


They say don’t leap, I jumped feet first.

They say don’t fall, I tumbled to the ground.

They say wait, I moved ahead.

“They” say many things but they aren’t me.

Life is for living and for moments made.

This moment, its our moment. This time, belongs to us.

I smile when I’m with you. Laughing till my face hurts and my stomach aches.

When you touch me I am eletric, a live wire come undone, ready to ignite.

When you kiss me I feel it in my toes. I am an addict, your lips are my drug.

When you fuck me I feel alive. A goddess in the flesh. I am Aphrodite and you are my Zuess. I want to worship at your feet while you kneel at mine.

“They” are wrong or so I think. They aren’t seeing through my eyes or feeling with my heart.

So I say leap. I say let’s  jump. I say don’t overthink, just be.

“They” say it’s a risk. I say your worth it.

Release your wings and leap. Let’s see how far we can fly. Let’s leap and find out just how far we will go.

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