Erotic / Erotica / shorts

Candy Store

We push the button on the elevator. The doors slide open and we step inside. I don’t waste a second, pressing my body into yours. I kiss your lips then fall to my knees. We are on the top floor of the building and I only have a short amount of time.

I release your cock from it’s fabric prison, and place it my mouth. Your my favorite lollipop and I have an oral fixation.

Down we go in the elevator as down I go on you. I know the time is limited so I make the most of it. My tongue swirls down your shaft, my lips suckle on your balls.

Only a few more floors till we reach our destination. The elevator comes to a stop, I pick myself up and adjust my dress. You quickly place my toy back inside your pants and zipper your pants.

We stand there arm and arm as the doors slide open and people pour in. We walk hand in hand into the lobby, none the wiser for what we just did.

“There is a stairwell” I whisper in your ear as we reach the exit. The candy store is open for business and I feel like having another treat.

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