anthology / Erotic / Erotica / Poetry

Tick Tock

The scent of you lingers on my pillow

The scent of you lingers inside 

I inhale deeply as my fingers explore my body, my minding drifting off into thoughts of you

Your tongue. Your fingers. Your kiss.

The way you enter my body from behind. Your back pressed into my chest.

Your strong arms wrapped around me bringing me in close

I grab my vibrator and close my eyes. Run it over my clit then push it deep within 

My mind screams your name, from my lips escape a moan

You make me come alive then you make me cum. Desire. Want. Need. Twisted, tangled vines entwined inside my heart. 

My body aches, throbs, longs for your touch. 

The clock has struck midnight, a new day has dawned. 

I let go and release the tension building inside.

Tick tick, tock tock, it is already today which means I’ll see you tonight.

I wrap myself in my blanket, pull your shirt down and cover my naked waist. 

Soon you’ll be back in my bed. Soon you’ll be back where you belong.

I close my eyes and drift off to sleep. Your face on my mind, the scent of you on my pillow, the thoughts of you in my heart

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