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All Tied Up

Night before last I watched the movie 50 Shades of Grey (I know, I know I’m behind the 8 ball on this). It got me thinking about something though.

Why do we feel that things like submission and domination are the stuff that needs to be relegated into the shadows or in this case “The red room?” If we think about it, in every day life we are all subs and doms. We play these roles on a daily basis with our interactions with one another.

Yet when it comes to our sexuality, there is something taboo about saying “I want to be in control” or “Control me”. It becomes a “kink”, a “dirty thought”.

Personally I like submission. As a self avowed control freak in every day life, I enjoy giving up and giving in. I find pleasure in the experience of letting another human being be in the directors seat and take charge.

There is something sexy to me about a man who says “Get on your knees” or “Don’t move” even more so when my hands are tied to the bed post!

While I can and will take charge if the moment calls for it, I do find a distinct pleasure in allowing my mate to be the one who calls the shots.

Being tied up or blindfolded allows you to use your other senses in a completely different way. Is that his tongue? Is that a feather? Is that his cock sliding down your thigh? There is something about the not knowing that is a huge turn on.

I am not certain I would be someone who would sign a contract or live the lifestyle on a daily basis (see the whole control freak statement above haha) but I do enjoy the occasional romp into “giving it up” land. There is a freedom in letting go and a beauty in trusting another human being enough that you can say “Here I am. Don’t hurt me. I trust you”.

If you’ve never participated in a dom/sub scenario give it a whirl. You might surprise yourself in what you do and do not enjoy.

Our bodies were made for pleasure. They were made to be experienced and to find joy in them. Sometimes thinking outside of the box is just what you need to get your own box soaking wet. 😉



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