Erotic / Erotica / short stories

The Park

It’s getting dark. The sun has set and the night is taking hold. We are on a walk and discover and old, hardly used park.

We make our way towards it and notice a trail hidden off to the side. It leads to a hiking path and despite the late hour we become brave and decide to walk it.

We are surrounded by trees and the sounds of natures creatures waking up from their daytime slumber.

He hold my hand tight as we walk and I can feel the tension growing between us. 

This nighttime adventure excites me in more ways than one. I feel goosebumps break out on my flesh as the night air hits my skin.

Suddenly I jump! A rustling in the trees has scared me. I’ve watched one too many horror films and it shows. I wrap my arms around his waist tight, telling him without my words to protect me, keep me safe.

A movement to my left makes me jump and I let out a small screech. A family of raccoons darts from the darkness and scrambles up a tree. Leaves rain down on us as they make their way to the top. 

My heart is racing and even though I’m a little scared, I laugh at my silliness. 

We stop for a moment to adjust a shoelace. When he stands back up he looks at me. It’s a look I’ve seen before. 

He grabs me and kisses me hard, pulling my body into his. He picks me up and my legs wrap around his waist. We have become two randy teenagers making out in the dark, all alone in the woods.

He puts me down and we walk a little further till we come to a small clearing amongst the trees.

We walk into it, our legs hitting branches, the leaves crunching under our feet.

He grabs me and turns me around, my back pressed into his chest. His lips are on my neck, his hands on my breasts.

My shorts are suddenly around my ankles, my panties come next. He pulls my hair and bends me over, thrusts his rock hard cock inside.

We have joined the animals of the forest, rutting in the night, our moans and sounds joining their primal call.

I begin to orgasm, my fingers gripping his calves, my nails digging in. He joins me shortly after, several deep, hard thrusts before his body begins to shake. 

The sound of a coyote breaks us from our moment. We have overstayed our welcome and it’s time to go. 

We quickly throw our clothes back on and walk out of the trail hand in hand. I like this spot, I think to myself. 

We will have to go for a walk again soon.

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