Erotic / Erotica / sex / sexual / short / short stories


Sitting naked in my tub my mind begins to wander to last night and our evening together. 

I find myself smiling as I recall the taste of your cock on my lips. Leaning over the passenger seat to unbuckle your pants. Slipping him out of his cloth prison and freeing him into my hands. 

You were rock hard at the idea of fucking in your car. Going at it like two randy teenagers with no other place to go.

The feeling of your hands in my hair as you guided my head deeper onto your shaft is still with me.

My mouth eagerly opening to to take you in. My tongue sliding up and down you as a hungry child licks a lollipop. 

My fingers move down my thigh as I close my eyes. The scent of lavendar and vanilla oil fills my nose as I am aware of the present while reliving the past.

I slip a finger inside me, then another, my hands moving in time to the movie playing out in my head.

Straddling you in the front seat, I’m naked underneath my mini skirt and white cotton shirt. I sit on your cock and place you all the way inside me. It’s deep and feels so fucking good. 

My hips rocking back and forth as you are pinned in the drivers seat, helpless to do anything but receive the fucking at hand. 

I arch my hips in the tub, lay on my back and throw my legs in the air. I let the water from the faucet act as a vibrator and hit my clit full force. 

My fingers are in a frenzy moving inside my pussy while another explores my ass. 

Just as I begin to cum I recall the look on your face as I orgasmed last night. My legs around your shoulders, drenched in sweat, sitting on your lap in the front seat of the car. A visual and physical orgasm renders me senseless and I slowly bring my back towards the tub, turn the water off and relax.

I don’t see you every day in the physical sense but I recall you every night in my mind. 

I grab my sponge and soap myself off, ready to get out of the waters embrace. 

I feel squeaky clean and dirty as fuck. It’s a great combination that I’m eager to repeat.

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