Erotic / Erotica / short stories

The Dance Floor

It’s 11 p.m., people are beginning to stream in. In another hour the club will be packed. Bodies pressed against one another, the smells of desire, sweat and alcohol mixing together. A bouquet of want and lust. We are sitting in the back  waiting for them to arrive.

I’m wearing a hot little number. Short skirt that barely skims the top of my thighs, black kneed high boots and a skin tight black tank. My hair is in a ponytail and it swings as I walk. Underneath I’ve chosen black lace booty short panties, and a lace push up bra, making my breasts fall up and out of my shirt. My lipstick is bright red, the rest of my makeup minimal. I am evoking a school girl, the really naughty, turned on and ready to get it on kind. He is dressed simply too. A long sleeve shirt that hugs his muscles, showing off his tone and strong arms. Jeans that fit his ass just right. He is my Ken doll and I love it when he dresses to show what I get to see whenever I want.

We are ready for them. As ready as we can be. We’ve spoken a few times online. They are cute, athletic, fit and most importantly curious. They want to swap and see what it’s like. The night club is the perfect setting to help them feel loose and comfortable. Get the conversation going, then the alcohol flowing and see where the night ends up.

We see them before they see us. She is nervous, I can tell. Her body language is stiff, his is loose. I wonder for a minute if we haven’t made a mistake. This only works if both partners are into it and if she’s not….

They begin their approach and I size them up. He is really cute, muscular but not too much. He takes care of his body and it shows. She is pretty, large lips, an angular nose. A former classically trained dancer, her body is toned and slim.

We great them with warm hugs and begin to chat. We find ourselves laughing and enjoying the conversation as the liquor flows. The need in me is growing. The desire I always feel when I drink. Women become alluring and I find myself wondering what her lips will taste like, locked in mine.

She is a little shy so I take my time. After a few drinks she has loosened up and I take her hand, leader her onto the dance floor with me. We leave the men behind, inviting them to watch the show. My arms reach around her waist as I move her hips in time with mine. “Your so pretty” I whisper in her ear, as my lips gently kiss her neck. I turn her to face the other direction, making eye contact with our men. I can feel their desire radiating across the floor. I wonder what it would feel like to have them both inside of me at once.

I wonder what she would think. Would she let me fuck him? Fuck her? Would she let me watch as my man took her from behind? I can feel myself growing wet at the thought. The alcohol raging through my system, my mind raging with dirty, nasty thoughts. I have been wanting to watch my guy fuck another woman for some time, I envision her on her knees, his cock in her ass and can barely contain the gleam in my eyes.

My hands reach up to her breasts, feeling them through her bra. I look behind me and make eye contact with her husband right before I turn her around and kiss her on the lips. She melts into me, her inhibitions falling to the floor. The music changes, it is dirtier, stronger, a hard and slow beat, the kind that is perfect for fucking, getting it on. We sway to the beat, my lips locked on  hers, my fingers in her hair. I bend her head to the side, and bite her neck. Goosebumps break out on my arms and my knees feel a bit weak.

The song ends and we make our way back up to the men. Tonight was a test run. Yes, I think they will do.

We say our goodbyes and before I leave, I kiss them both firmly on the mouth. “Till later” I tell them, my hand grazing his rock hard cock. I have a feeling they will be repeating what my man and I are about to do the second we enter our door. Dancing is fun. We need to repeat this again. Very soon.

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