Erotic / Erotica

Sex and a Pizza

He lights the joint and passes it too me. I inhale deeply, trying hard not to cough. In a few minutes, every one of my senses will be heightened and the fun will begin.

I lean into him, the taste of smoke still heavy on his lips, kissing him hard. My fingers find his face and stroke it, as my tongue probes deeper into his mouth.

The electricity has started in my toes and it’s working it’s way up my body. I can feel my excitement growing with every kiss, every touch.

“Pull my hair” I tell him. “I want to claim what you own”.

He complies, grabbing a fistful of my hair as he bites the soft part of my neck. I fall to my knees, weak with anticipation and want.

He grabs me roughly and tosses me onto the bed. A ragdoll to be played with, ready to be taken off the shelf. He places my hands above my head, removing my white cotton shirt, exposing my breasts to the cool air.

His mouth begins to explore my skin, and he suddenly a man starved, exposed to a feast. Fingers, tongue, lips, teeth, everything at his disposal becomes a tool for my pleasure.

I arch my back, the effects of the pot coursing through my veins, amplifying every sensation and touch. “God I want you. I want you fucking now”.

Suddenly my jeans are on the floor, and my panties are down around my ankles, my legs being pushed into the air. He fills me with his cock, large and deep and begin to thrust. An animal in heat.

We move in a violent rhythm, fueled by lust, want, and a chemical high.

I am his and he is mine and in the moment the only thing that exists is us.

We bring each other to orgasm, and lay, naked in bed, covered in a sheen of sweat, smiles plastered on our faces.

“How about a pizza?” I ask, once the giggles have subsided and I’ve started to get dressed. “Sure” he says.

The night is young, the weed is plentiful and we have lots more fucking to tend to. May as well fuel up before round two.

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