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Dear Diary – Night at the Swingers Club – Part 1

Dear Diary,

I had the most surreal,strange, exotic night of my life last night. I need to document this all down cause I don’t want to forget a moment of it! Last night, I, Samantha Rosetta Jones, went to my first swingers club!!!! Yes diary, that’s right. Little ol’ Sam went to a swingers club and I was a very naughty, naughty girl.

It was Sweetest day and what better way to celebrate than with lots of pussy and cock right? Oh my, I feel so bad just writing this! I can’t help myself though. I’ve been reliving last night in my head all day and I just have to get it onto the page.

We went to the club with a lovely couple, Mark and Alice. We met them through a website for adults looking to “play” with other adults. I have to admit diary, I was scared! All these thoughts raced through my head… “Would they like us? Would we like them?” “Would I be able to let go of inhibitions and get into it?

I primmed and prepped for what felt like hours. Changing my outfit a half a dozen times. I wanted too look sexy but not too much. Just enough to get them excited at what was in store. I finally settled on a cute wrap dress and my leather knee high boots. It felt like it had just enough sexiness without being over the top. Underneath I put on my black bra, the really nice push up one that made my girls look outstanding. I forewent the panties. Part of my boyfriends fantasy for the evening and I wanted to please.

We met at a restaurant and when we found out there was a 45 minute wait, we went to the one next door. We had pleasant conversation, although I think we were all a little anxious. It was like going on a first date, with lots of people, and the energy was crackling with excitement and the wonder of what the evening would bring.

We drove to a little town about an hour away and pulled into a nondescript building that looked like a liquor store on the outside. The parking lot was full, it was obvious it would be an interesting evening even before we walked in the door.

We paid our fee and walked inside, 4 strangers now friends, ready to see what the night had in store. The hostesses was an amiable older woman who wore a corset, red leather skirt, and fishnet stockings with red heels. She was very kind and put us at ease.

My stomach was knotted but not in an unpleasant way. I was excited and unsure. Through the doors, just past the bar, was an adult playground, one we would soon be invited into. I looked over at my boyfriend and felt my skin flush, my heart skip a beat. My God, Diary, how I fucking love this man. He is tall, lean, sexy as hell. When he kisses me I feel electricity, when he touches me, I am drugged. I respond to him in ways I never knew possible. The idea of watching him this night with another woman, was one hell of a turn on. I wanted to see him give her the pleasure he so readily gives me.

As we sat at the table, waiting for the tour, the thought ran through my head “Could I do it? Would I?” Not that I didn’t find them attractive, I did, but it was still scary to think about all of the “what if’s”. It is a huge leap from texting to touching and I would be a liar if I said I didn’t have my doubts.

As the evening progressed and the drinks were poured, we all relaxed more. Our seats got closer, his hand found it’s way to my thigh. I glanced over and watched my boyfriend, deep in conversation with the wife. They had clicked and it made me smile. “Good.” I thought. “We can do this. It will happen”.

We split apart and the husband and I found our way into the dry sauna, sharing a steamy first kiss (literally). I found myself pleasantly turned on by the experience. He was cute and a good kisser. Bonus points on his end. We made our way to a private room, both enjoying the experience of discovering someone new.

The intense, loud, utterly distracting sounds of “I’m cumming, Oh my fucking God I’m cumming, Ooooooohhhhh,Ooooooohhhhh, Oh God I’m fucking cumming so hard”  this led to peals of laughter (mainly from my end) and the end of our private play. At this point I was two drinks in and I couldn’t help myself. She was loud, really, really loud and I wanted to both slap her and tell her to shutup and high five her dude all at once.

We left the room, and began to walk down the hall only to see our significant others right next door! My boyfriends face was nestled in between her legs and I immediately felt completely turned on at the site. We joined them in the room and chatted for a bit, the four of us on a hard twin size bed, in various states of dress. It was surreal and sexy as all get out.

Gosh, I have so much more to tell you but quite honestly I’ve gotten myself into a bit of a state just writing this all out. I think I need to go and have some alone time before I pick this back up. This was only the beginning of the wildest night of my life! There is so much more to tell…..tata for now my trusted old friend. My body is throbbing and aching from last nights escapades. Getting off and then getting a nap sound like the perfect thing right now. I’ll write back again soon….



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