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Dear Diary – Night at the Swingers Club — Part2

Dear Diary,

Where did I leave off? Oh yes, my boyfriends face in between her thighs and her legs shaking from his efforts…it was a delicious view….after we all composed ourselves, we sat on the bench and were soon joined by another couple. We called them the “Cubbies” for the clothing they wore.

The woman walked in and we proceeded to fondle her large and ample breasts that had begun to spill out of her bright red bra. Soon myself, my new friend and “Cubbie” girl were having a 3 way grope fest, touching each other in the tiny, cramped room.

Eventually we all split off and my boyfriend and I found ourselves alone. I needed that time with him. To reconnect and talk about our experience up to that point. We found a room and shut the door. Clothing being shed fast. In the middle of having sex we threw the door open, allowing anyone who wanted to watch to have a peak inside our room. I can’t lie, it was HOT!!! I liked being watched. I found myself getting wetter and wetter every time I opened my eyes and saw another person standing in the doorway.

We wrapped up our impromptu sessions and went looking for our new friends. Before we found them, however, we found a wall with glory holes in it! We had to try it, Diary, just had to. He went behind the wall and put his cock through the hole. I got on my knees on a cold tiled floor and gave him a blow job he won’t soon forget. People stopped to watch, as I sat there on my knees, his cock deep inside my mouth, my hands rubbing all over his shaft. After awhile I couldn’t take it anymore and I went behind the wall to join him. I pushed him onto the bean bag chair that was behind the partition and rode him like a cowgirl in the rodeo. Bucking, swaying, thrusting. I wanted him as deep inside of me as he could possibly go.

A woman and her husband stopped to watch and before I knew it, her hands where on his balls and in my ass. It was insane. Being touched and fucked and sucked all at once. My orgasm was intense and I had to lay there for a bit to stop my legs from shaking.

I wish I had someone to share this with other than you diary but for now you’ll have to do. This night exceeded all of my wildest dreams. I have always had certain fantasies and I think I lived out most of them in a 3 hour time span!

I  have to dash but I’ll write back again soon. School is beckoning. I wonder if any of my classmates will see it, sense it. If they will know I spent the weekend fucking and getting fucked….hmmmmm…it’s a crazy thing to think about. Even crazier it happened to yours truly.

More later on. Love – Sam

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