Erotic / Erotica / sex / short stories

3 A.M.

It’s the middle of the night. 3 am to be exact. I come into consciousness with his strong, muscular arms around my waist, his rock, hard cock pressed into my back.

I turn into him, my lips finding his in the dark. I’m half asleep and full of need and want.

My legs find his waist and encircle him, a cry escaping my from my lips as he enters me.

Our bodies move as one, a dance of desire that is playing its own tune.

He turns me around, entering me from behind, his lips finding the soft spot on my neck.

“You know where I want you” I whisper to him in-between ragged breathes.

“Please. Now….”

He complies, inserting his cock in my ass. Slowly, gently, getting past the initial pain. It’s like being seared with an iron, branded and claimed.

Once he’s inside it changes, pleasure replacing pain. I arch my back as I move onto my knees, letting him go deeper into me.

We become primal, carnal, two animals in heat. What starts off gentle becomes rough and I scream for him to go faster and harder. I want every inch of him inside of me.

I throw my face into the pillow to muffle the guttural noises escaping my lips. “Oh god! Oh my fucking God…yes! Yes!”

He grabs my vibrator and holds it to my clit as he slams into me. I begin to loose it. The sensation on my clit and ass take me over board and my orgasm leaves me shaking, weak in the knees.

I kiss him on the lips and lay my head on his shoulder, drifting back to sleep. I like being woken up in the middle of the night. Never know what will happen at 3 a.m. but it’s always fun to find out.

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