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Fetish and Fantasy Ball

On Saturday, after the Soriee, we attended the Fetish and Fantasy ball at the Hard Rock in Vegas. My God what an experience! We had a stunning sky-box that provided us with privacy and the ability to comfortably leave our things in a secure area while we explored the event.

It was a visual Thanksgiving feast. The costumes, the pageantry, it was amazing. I felt like a kid at Christmas, running from present to present trying to unwrap it all at once.

The stage shows were nothing short of phenomenal. It was equal parts play and acrobatics, with women suspended by hooks from their backs, swinging through the air like children in a very twisted playground. There was a beautiful woman who performed on an ariel ring and to watch her body as it flowed and moved around the hoop was a treat.

There was a human zoo, filled with stunning males and females body painted to resemble animals, complete with a trainer who had a whip!

My favorite part, however, was the BDSM room that was overflowing with vendors sharing their wares and a giant stage where people could experience a professional “flogging” from a dom. I stood in line for over 40 minutes to experience this for myself.

I was given a very cute gentleman who knew how to use his tools! I was placed on a giant lighted X, with my back the crowd. He asked me a series of questions and we discussed my safety “lines in the sand” (i.e. how hard he could hit, what he could touch etc…) I placed my hands inside bungee cord ropes and closed my eyes.

The first smack came and it was deliciously painful and pleasurable all at once. It felt like tiny like finger smacks all over my ass and thigh. He slowly increased his speed, at a few points making my dress fly into the air, my entire ass exposed to the crowd, black lace panties that paired rather nicely with my knee high leather boots.

I felt quite sexy, and alive. I enjoy submission, enjoy letting the side of me that wants to always be in charge to take a break. I like giving up and giving in and letting go. It takes me to a different place in my head where I am not having to constantly think through things. I can just receive and feel.

Over and over he smacked me with this his little leather whip and over and over it felt fabulous. I was getting very turned on, especially when he would stop, take his hands, rub them down my ass and thighs to soothe the sore places before making them sore again.

When he untied my wrists, I felt a little weak in the knees but very happy and relaxed. While in my personal life I have played on the edges of BDSM I have never had the experience that I did on Saturday. I found that I liked it, a lot.

I think I am going to look deeper into exploring this more in my own life and in my business. So long as it is done with respect, care and understanding, it is a pleasurable and mind altering thing.

This weekend was filled with many firsts, this “flogging” if you will was among my favorites. I was fascinated not only with the process but with how I responded to it. Definitely something I want to try again (and again!) I like submission, I like releasing myself into the hands of another human being and saying “here I am, don’t hurt me, I trust you”. It’s not an easy thing to do but if/when you can it’s well worth it.

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