Erotica / relationships / romance / short stories

Sweet Dreams

We light the candles around the room, put the music up loud. Bob Marley tonight is a fitting choice. The reggae music thumps and pounds through the speaker and into our veins. I walk across the room to him, my eyes soaking in his naked body bathed in candlelight. My eyes shine with desire, my body aches with lust.

I want him like no other. I desire him like I never have anyone else. My fingers trace the lines of his collar bone then move down his muscular chest. Slowly I am the pen, using his body as my canvas as I draw and trace the grooves and lines of his flesh.

My lips join in, placing soft kisses across his chest, down his stomach. I make my way towards his thighs, my tongue tasting the saltiness of his skin, my nose taking in his scent.

I stop at his cock, soaking it in. Hard, glorious, standing at attention beneath my hands. I pretend I am a child on a hot summer’s day and he is the ice cream cone that offers my parched mouth relief. Sucking, tasting, kissing, caressing. I take him as far as I can, my fingers caressing his balls, then up and down his legs.

His hands, strong and calloused make their way into my hair and hold on tight. He guides my head, pushing himself deeper into my waiting throat. A moan escapes his lips as he tilts his back, a smile of pure ecstasy on his face.

I rise from my knees, making my way back towards his face, my lips finding his in a kiss that sends electricity into my feet.

He grabs me around the waist and suddenly I am airborne, a mere toy in his arms as he carries me to the bed. The breeze from the open window hits my skin and goosebumps rise onto my flesh.

He tosses me onto the bed and within seconds is on me, inside of me. What has started slow has risen to a fever pitch. Our bodies merging into a singular beast, intent on finding release.

We move in sync, twisting, turning, shifting on the bed. Our legs and arms are intertwined, our mouths locked in embrace. Faster, deeper, harder, he pushes into me and I want more. Need more.

I can feel my orgasm building. It is a fire that is beginning deep inside and he is the fuel giving it life. I know I won’t last much longer, the feelings are too intense. I am falling, flying, drowning in a pool of desire and lust.

My nails dig into his back as my teeth seek his flesh. I scream out in pleasure, calling his name beneath my breathe.

He follows soon after, and we lay there, weak in the knees, still in our hearts. Never has anyone impacted me this way, never have I felt so alive.

I look into his eyes, and see me, reflected back. The way he makes me feel, the way he makes me see myself. Beautiful, desirable, wanted, loved.

I smile as my arms wrap around his waist, as my head falls onto his chest. This is home I think. This is real and this is mine. My eyes grow heavy and I fall asleep. I do not worry about what I may find in my dreams for in his arms my dreams have come to life.

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