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Come to the Dom side…

I am by nature a submissive. I enjoy being given orders when it comes to sex. Tell me where you want me and how you want it and I am happy to oblige. Knowing this, no one was more surprised than I was last night when my secret, hidden dominatrix, came roaring loudly to life.

Let me set the scene for you. My guy and I went to a local swingers club. The theme was leather and lace. I wore a red and black lace corset, the kind that fits under your breasts, with a black lace push up bra. I had on black leather booty shorts and knee high leather boots. I felt incredibly sexy. My hair was in a bun on the top of my head with two braids on the side. I had a black satin choker on my neck.

I wore a rather conservative black wool dress to the club since I wanted my outfit to be a surprise. My guy, also had a surprise waiting. Under his form fitting top and jeans, he had a black leather wrap that resembled what Gladiator’s wore in the days of old.

I don’t know what it was, the outfits, the alcohol, the energy or all three but something inside me clicked. As the night wore on and people got more comfortable, I ended up shedding my dress. A few shots of fireball will make you over heat and lucky for me I had something very sexy on underneath.

I stripped down to my outfit and my guy to his, and we began to walk around. One of our friends had a dog collar on with a leash, I asked her if i could borrow it and the next thing I know, I am walking my “pet” through the club. He is a stunning specimen of a man and I was incredibly turned on by the reactions of the women around him. They wanted to touch him, kiss him, blow him and boy did they ever.

We met a very attractive, lovely woman, and things heated up quick. She too had a collar and chain on and told me she would be happy to let me have another pet to play with. I got wet at the thought.

We went into a room where I ordered them to kiss. I wanted to watch him touching her and feeling her body. The kissing turned to more and she eventually sat on his face where he went to town eating the offered buffet. I grabbed his cock and began to suck on it, feeling him grow hard and stiff inside my mouth. I wanted him to fuck her, wanted to watch her moan and wiggle underneath him.

He put the condom on then dove deep into her waiting pussy, pounding her hard and fast. I slapped his ass and grabbed his balls, running my nails down his back. To say I was turned on is an understatement. My guy is like a drug to me. Kissing him, touching him, it gives me goosebumps. To see another woman receiving the same pleasure was intense.

When they were finished, I leaned into both of them, kissing each on the mouth. Our new friend and I really got into the kissing and my hands caressed her breasts as I lay over my guys chest. People began to stream into the room and the moment was broken but damn what a moment it was!

Later in the evening, chain still in hand, I walked my “pet” into the main room where the women were all too happy to obey my order to worship his body. I kissed him while another woman sucked his cock, a third grabbing his balls and touching his chest.

It was a crazy night filled with many firsts, including my first oral sex session by another woman. I’ve never allowed a woman to “dine at the Y” and it was nice. Her lips where soft and her tongue was probing and wet.

All in all I had a fabulous time and am curious to explore this new, unseen side of me that I didn’t realize I had. I think in general I prefer submission but I have to admit, being in charge and giving the orders was really fucking hot. The yin and the yang of my personality I guess. The duality of our nature and lives. We have the need to give and to take.

I am learning much about myself through my swinging experiences. While I love to be told what to do, being the one to do the telling isn’t as bad as I thought. I could get used to explore this new side of me. Now go forth and be sexy….your mistress demands it….(;) šŸ˜‰ )




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