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For a friend…..

Magda was excited. Tonight she was going to try something she never had before. She hurried through her house, checking to make sure the lights were off and all candles blown out. She stopped briefly in the bathroom to take one last look in the mirror.

Her long brown hair cascaded around her shoulders and her red lipstick was a striking contrast to her pale skin. She had purchased a new mascara that made her eyelashes look huge and the soft pink blush on her cheeks completed the image. Not bad” she thought as a smile formed on her lips. “You clean up nicely old girl”. She turned out the light and headed in the foyer to grab her pretty new winter coat.

Her purse on her arm and keys in hand, she left her house and out into the cold Winter night. The trip to the hotel only took 15 minutes but it felt much longer. She tried to quiet the butterflies that were echoing around in her belly. She would be lying to herself if she didn’t admit that she wasn’t a little nervous.

It had all started out so innocently. A few months ago a friend had invited her to a swingers party. Always curious about the lifestyle she decided to say to hell with convention and go. What she saw there blew her mind. Beautiful people milled around, drinks in hand, talking, laughing, enjoying each others company. Someone offered her a drink and Magda casually sipped as she watched scenes unfold as the night wore on.

Her friend had told her that there was always one couple who would be brave enough to get things started and boy was she right. A very handsome man and his woman began to kiss on the black leather sofa across the room from her. Within a few minutes, another couple approached them and they swapped partners and the kissing began again. It seemed to her it was all took before people all around here were touching, groping, kissing. It was a feast for the eyes and Magda Elaina Cortez soaked it all in.

She had another a drink and with it gained enough liquid courage to start mingling among the crowd. Her eyes locked on a man who was kissing a very buxom blonde who was staring straight at her. She found herself growing wet at the visuals in front of her and when he approached her a short while later, she found herself excited to see what might come next.

He offered his hand and introduced himself as Mark. Asked her if she cared to play. Being wholly new to the experience, she said yes, but with the understanding that he would need to teach her how it all worked. They took a seat on a worn, soft leather chair and his fingers casually stroked her thigh as they spoke.

He explained to her the “rules” of engagement with other people and how one asked about likes/dislikes and so on. All the while he talked, Magda found herself fantasizing about what was under that tight shirt he was wearing. She found her gaze drift more than once to his jeans, imagining what his cock might look like and feel like inside of her.

After a short time, he asked her if she would like to leave the main room and go off to a room on their own. By this point she was so entranced with what was happening around her and turned on that she readily said yes.

He took her into one of the smaller rooms and shut the door behind them. Slowly he began to undress her, his eyes never leaving hers. He started with her top, unbuttoning each button, leaving her breasts exposed inside the black lace bra she was wearing. Then he slipped her skirt down her thighs, taking in her lace panties with the red trim, a smile forming on his face.

She put her hand on his shoulder as she took it off the rest of the way, casually throwing her top on the floor next it. She repeated the process with him, happy to see what lay underneath. Her fingers ran down the length of his chest, and onto his stomach, stopping right above the button to his jeans.

She unbuttoned them slowly, taking in rock hard cock that was straining through his boxers begging for release. As they stood there, half naked in a dimly lit room, the sounds and smells of sex filling the air and their noses, he grabbed her by the back of her neck and pulled her in for a kiss.

She felt herself growing weak at the knees and was relieved when he picked her up and placed her on the bed. She wasn’t sure she could take much more of standing when she suddenly felt like jello. He kissed her neck and her mouth, ran his fingers then his tongue down her breasts, unclipping her bra in one expert swoop, then placing his mouth on her nipples that were hard and begging to be kissed.

He slipped her panties off and then his boxers, placing a condom on with one hand as he slipped his fingers inside of her with the other. She felt a moan escape from her lips which turned into a shout as entered her. It was fast, intense, hard and Magda felt herself cumming in great waves.

Before long the night ended and she and her new friend exchanged numbers. They were both “unicorns” which in the swinging world meant they were free and available to meet privately whenever they wanted. Over the course of the next few weeks they talked and texted and found that they had much in common. They enjoyed each other immensely and before long began seeing each other pretty regularly.

She was on her way to meet him again tonight but this time it was for something all together different. Not only was she curious about swinging but she had always been curious about BDSM. It turned out that he was too and tonight they intended to fulfill a mutual fantasy.

She pulled into the parking lot and made her way up to the hotel. Room 205 he had told her in the text. She knocked on the door and he greeted her, ushering her inside. They began to kiss almost immediately and had to pull themselves apart in order to stay focused on the task at hand.

She went into the bathroom and changed into her outfit for the night. A black and red lace corset that cupped under her breasts, a black lace bra and black leather booty shorts. She had a red and black thong underneath her shorts with a small red bow on it. After all, she figured, if he was going to get a present, he should have to unwrap it.

When she went back into the room, she was pleasantly suprised to find him ready and waiting at attention, naked on the bed with his cock hard as a rock.

He grabbed her to pull her down on him and she pulled back. “Not so fast big boy” she said. “We have some playing to do.” She opened the night stand drawer to find all of the toys he had brought for their evening of exploration.

The riding crop stood out to her and she grabbed it from the drawer, playfully slapping his thighs with it. He jumped but smiled, seeming to enjoy the pain with the pleasure that awaited. She hit him a few more times, finding herself getting into the idea of being in control. Normally passive and shy, this was a new attitude for her and she had to admit, she liked it.

She grabbed the oil from the nightstand and began to rub him down, starting at his feet and working her way up his legs, casually stroking his balls then working the other leg. He let out soft moans and closed his eyes, getting into the moment and the touch.

She took her blindfold and tied it tightly around his eyes, ensuring that he could only feel what she was about to do next. Once she was satisfied that he couldn’t see anything, she dug in the drawer once more, pulling out a slim white dildo that was meant for anal play.

He began to speak and shushed him with a finger on his lips. “No talking” she said. “Only experiencing”. “Yes Mistress” he replied, his body relaxing as she continue to play. “That’s a good boy, you just sit back and take what I give you…”

She continued to massage his legs and then surprised him by taking out the blue brush with the bristles and smacking his inner thighs. He jumped from the smack but the smile on his face showed her enjoyed it. Rub and smack, smack and rub, she took her time working him up and keeping him guessing. Just when he had begun to relax into the rhythm she had set up, she turned the tables once more, inserting the dildo into ass. He was at first shocked then lifted his hips, asking with his body what his lips would not. She began to fuck him anally with one hand, stroking his cock with the other. His hips flailing wildly with excitement. When she was sure he was on the brink, she threw her body on top of his and began to ride him, holding his hands above his head, fully in control.

She was going to cum, she could feel it. It was a tidal wave building up inside of her and she knew she was the damn and ready to burst. Her hips began to move fast, harder, her pussy grinding into his pelvis, taking every inch of him. She released his hands and told him “Harder. Harder. Fuck me harder”. He was happy to oblige, flipping her onto her back and ramming his cock deep inside of her as he pinned her ankles to her cheek. The next thing she knew he was between her thighs, his mouth a thirsty person in a desert and her pussy the stream from which he drank. She came over and over, spasms racking her body, sweat forming on her brow. She felt weak, satisfied, alive. This was a first and one she wouldn’t soon forget. She had never dominated a man before, and she had not realized how much she would like it.

He joined her soon after, his body covered in a sheen of sweat and oil. They lay there for a few minutes, both catching their breath, both satisfied and happy.

They lay naked, wrapped in each others arms, the toys from that nights exploration scattered on the bed. Magda didn’t know what tomorrow would bring but she did know that she was enjoying finding out. She liked this new side of her, this fearless woman who took chances and risks. She fell asleep, a riding crop underneath her leg and a smile plastered on her face.

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