Poem / Poetry / relationships / romance / short / shorts

Home Is Where the Heart Is.

Cold winter nights

Snuggled naked in a warm bed

My legs wrapped around your waist

My arms around your neck

I raise my lips to yours feeling the pillow softness of your mouth.

Your tongue seeks mine, and they meet, electric shocks flowing into my toes.

I touch your face, so familiar even in the darkness

My fingers caressing your cheek.

Your eyelashes brush against my finger tips and I sigh

Home is were the heart is and in your arms mine is there.

I feel content, loved, secure. I feel hope.

I was afraid and unsure, until I wasn’t.

This moment, these nights. They are my mana sent straight from Heaven and your body the Eucharist from which I partake.

I love you, I need you, I want you like no other before.

Snuggled naked in a warm bed on a cold winters night, my arms around your neck, my legs around your waist, my heart beating in time to yours for it is finally home.

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