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Tonight was the night. She could feel it. She was a bundle of nerves, excitement, fear, hope. Her girlfriend had said he was nice, intelligent, kind and had the most amazing blue eyes she would ever see. In girl speak this was a good sign.

She had to admit, in her secret heart of hearts, she was hoping this date would not stop at the dinner table. Six months. It had been six months since her breakup. It had also been six months since she had enjoyed the pleasure of a man and Tabitha was a volcano ready to erupt. The thought of what could happen after dinner had her wet. She longed to feel a mans touch on her breasts and between her thighs. She hoped he would be the one who could end this dry spell and be the thunderstorm she craved.

She sang to her favorite song on the radio as she drove down the dark and deserted road. She lived in a very small town and even on a Saturday night, the roads were often empty at this time. She put her window down and let the crisp air hit her cheeks and flow through her hair. She felt good, sexy, alive.

Marissa had gone shopping with her the day before. They’d selected a black sweater dress that hugged her curves, a chunky gold necklace and cream heels with a pink satin lining. Her next stop had been the lingerie store next door. If her evening went as planned then she wanted to surprise him with something sexy. She chose a lacy green bra and matching pantie. It made a striking contrast against her auburn hair and pale skin.

Tabitha pulled into the restaurant parking lot and took a moment to compose her thoughts. “Please let him be nice. Please let him be cute. Fuck just let him be interesting” she thought. It wasn’t that she had not dated in the last six months but they had all been dull or arrogant and neither would do.

She opened the door and took a deep breathe, told the hostesses that she had reservations for 7:00. “Your party is already here Miss. May I take your coat?” she asked. Tabitha removed her coat and handed it to the hostess then followed the very cute waiter to her table. “If this one turns out to be a dud” she thought “the waiter would do nicely”. She smiled at the dirty thought that raced through her mind as she admired his nicely tone butt through his pants.

She was taken to the back of the restaurant where a very handsome, very striking gentleman sat alone, nervously playing with his watch. “Marco?” she asked, to which he replied yes with a smile plastered onto his face.

“Hi” she said extending her hand. “I’m Tabitha, so very nice to meet you”. He took her hand and she immediately felt a spark. It was sudden and unexpected but definitely there. “Nice to meet you too” he replied. “Wow. You are stunning. Samantha didn’t do her description of you justice”. Tabitha blushed and fought the urge to smile from ear to ear. Samantha was apparently a shitty describer because her version of handsome didn’t come close to the warrior she saw sitting in front of her. Blond hair that had small streaks of white, incredible sky blue eyes, a perfect amount of stubble on his chiseled face. It was all she could to stop herself from reaching over and touching his jaw line. Never mind the muscles that seemed to want to burst out of their confinement they were currently in.

“Easy girl. Slow it down. He’s good looking but he might be dumb as a box of rocks. Chill out”. Much to her surprise though he was not dumb. He was smart, sexy, vibrant and funny. Their dinner flowed seamlessly and she found herself more and more attracted to him by the minute. The waiter came to check on them after the last course, asking if they would like desert. In her mind she immediately said yes but it was most certainly not the kind on the menu. Seeming to read her naughty little mind, Marco leaned in and grabber her hand. He whispered “Would you care to get out of here, continue this some place else”? She nodded her head yes, reluctantly drawing her hand away from the current that was running through it.

The walked into the parking lot and as he came around to open the car door for her, he leaned in and kissed her. Her knees turned to jello and she felt weak. It was a kiss like none she had ever had and she wanted to take him right then and there. He pulled away, a devilish glint in his eye and opened the door ushering her inside. They drove in silence, both of them deep in thought and fantasy about what would come next.

The drove through a gated residential community and stopped at a white Tudor style home that was perfectly landscaped. He came around the car and opened the door, leading her into his home. She barely had time to look around for as soon as the door shut, he was on her, his hands running through her hair, his mouth seeking hers. They became a whirlwind of moving bodies, clothing being stripped and discarded as they walked through the hall, attached at the lips.

He opened his bedroom door and picked her up carrying her to the bed where he lay her down. A soft light in the corner of the room illuminated her body and he took a moment to drink her in. His began to explore her, slowly, unhurriedly, the unbridled passion from moments before temporarily pushed aside as he unwrapped his gift.

It briefly raced through Tabitha’s mind that she may have gone insane and this was a fantasy she was living while in reality she was strapped inside a a rubber room. Nonetheless, when Marco’s tongue began to dance down her stomach, she decided that if she was crazy, then she would happily stay that way. Months of pent of frustration was about to be released and she was focused only on the moment and his masterful mouth.

He unclipped her bra, allowing her breasts to fall freely to the side as suckled each nipple with a gentle touch. His fingers began to slide down her belly, stopping at the top of her panties, where they lingered for a moment before entering. He rubbed her clit in slow, tiny circles, delighting in the moans escaping her lips as she arched her back for more.

He removed her now soaking wet panties, taking in her naked body as she lay on his bed, legs slightly apart, inviting him in. He wanted to touch her, to taste her, to feel every inch of this woman and hear her scream with pleasure. His lips took over his fingers and he sucked on her clit while inserting his tongue deep inside of her. Tabitha bit her bottom lip, it was overwhelming pleasure and she knew she was going to cum again and again.

He brought her to the brink then back, teasing her unmercifully as she begged him for his cock. “Please, Marco. Please. I need you inside me. I need to feel you. Please”. He decided to oblige and when he filled her with himself she couldn’t contain it any longer. The spasm started and it was long and completely satisfying.

It was only the first of many that Tabitha would have that night and by the time they were done she was weak, satiated and happy. It was past 2 in the morning when they finally had their fill and they decided to call it a night. He drove her back to her car and she kissed him deeply on the lips. “Thank you for an amazing evening”. She said. “I hope we can do this again soon”. She drove off with a smile on her face, her pussy sore and bruised yet completely wet.

In the morning she would get up and send her friend a gift basket and a thank you card. This was the best blind date she had ever had. Tabitha rolled her window down, let the breeze rush through and touch her face. the taste of Marco was on her lips and she smiled. Maybe there was something to this blind date thing after all she thought. Maybe there was. She turned the radio up and sang her favorite song. The road ahead of her was clear and she was content.


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