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House Party Orgy

It started with dinner. We drove an hour and half out of town and met a lovely couple that we’ve chatted with online. They in turn brought two other couples with them that they have swung with for years. All in our late 30’s and early 40’s, we made quite the impression sitting at a table together. 4 attractive couples chatting over a nice dinner on a night that would be anything but ordinary.

After dinner we hopped in our cars, a caravan driving down a winding, dark country road to our next destination. A house in the middle of nowhere in the dead of winter on a very cold night. We began our walk towards the house, ice and snow crunching beneath our boots.

Our host greeted us at the door. A sort of “godfather”, he is a man in his 70’s who has been in the lifestyle for a long time. He was very congenial and kind welcoming us with a warm hug and inviting us to enjoy all the pleasures the night had in store.

About 20 other couples were already there and they all greeted us as we entered. A friendly group comprised of all ages and body types. We began with a quick tour of the house and what a house it was! The basement had been converted into a swingers paradise.

The main gathering area had a large bar and equally large pool table for guests to mingle and converse.  5 rooms comprised the rest of the downstairs, each with something unique and fun. The room at the end of the hall had a king size bed and in the corner a Sibian! A table held every size attachment one could possibly imagine at the ready for use. The ceiling had mirrors attached so you could watch yourself from every angle.The second and third rooms offered king size beds, fresh lines and towels with condoms and lube conveniently placed on the nightstands. Adjacent to the main room where two curtained areas. The first had a king size bed for group play and the second had a sex swing mounted to the ceiling with a bed off to the side.

Did I mention this was a huge house?!

After  the tour our friends suggested we retire outside to the hot tub! Having promised myself that I would be open to whatever the night offered I agreed even if I was a little nervous at first. One of the wives started things off by allowing our host to strip her down to her panties in the mudroom. She removed them wrapping herself in a towel, ready to head out into the night. I was still feeling a little bit shy but I did remove my dress in front of everyone then snuggled into my towel in my bra and panties. We made our way outside and my God was it cold! It was in the twenties and we all did a mad dash to the hot tub, yelling as the ice hit our bare toes. I threw myself into the welcoming warmth of the bubbles and heat, breathing a sigh of relief as I removed the rest of my clothes.

Now let me tell you, this was a night of firsts for me and the hot tub was another one of them. I’ve never been outside in the winter in one, much less naked, much less naked with 5 other people! It was beautiful though. We were in the country completely unencumbered from city lights. There were stars as far as they eye could see. We spent a good hour and half just laughing and talking, all the while discreetly touching each other underneath the bubbles. It was very erotic and had me thoroughly turned on. After we were quite pruny and incredibly relaxed we decided to brave the cold yet again to get back inside. Our towels had ice on them from the cold but we wrapped ourselves as best as we could and ran back towards

Once we went back inside we decided it was time for a game of pool. The rules were simple. If you scratch you remove a piece of clothing. My boyfriend, normally a phenomanol pool player scratched a few times that night and ended up in only his boxers by the time the game was done. He did, however, win the game which meant the wife he was playing against had to lose her clothes all together! Fair is fair you know….

At this point in the night we were all very comfortable and decided to take things up a notch. The six of us made our way into what we called the Red room because of the lights and gave the Sibian a go. I’ve never used one and decided to be brave and be the first to try. I stripped out of my dress and completely naked mounted the machine, handing my boyfriend the controls. It was tame at first but when he kicked up the speed, holy. fucking. god. My orgasm was quick and intense and I was soaked.

I was numb and shaky, finally understanding why women like this machine so much! The other girls decided if I could be brave then so could they and we each eventually had a turn receiving orgasm from the mind bending, leg quacking, spasm making piece of heavenly man-made machinery.

Quite honestly, the night could have ended there and I would have chalked it up in my top 5 of sexual experiences but it was just getting started!

We moved on as a group into the swing room and that is were things really heated up. We played for a time in different groupings on the swing. At one point I was on the swing, receiving oral sex from one of the husbands, while my boyfriend kissed me and touched my breasts. A quick glance on the bed assured me that the other couples were having a lot of fun too!

Somehow, all six of us ended up on the bed. There was touching, kissing, sucking galore. One of the couples decided to have sex on the swing while the rest of us watched. Then back to the bed they came for more group play. My boyfriend and one of the wives began to have sex and it was a site to see. I love watching him touch and fuck other women. It’s a turn on to see his body moving inside someone else. It was an even bigger turn on when the other wife began kissing her while they were having sex.

While my boyfriend entertained them, their husbands entertained me. One kissed me while the other performed oral sex. Then they both lay on the bed where I alternated blow jobs and hand jobs on them. It was erotic, sexy, intense. I ended up bringing the second husband to orgasm with a blowjob, swallowing his load while the other husband made me cum through oral sex.

Before we knew it, it was 1 am and sadly time to go. We all got dressed all the while talking and laughing with one another. Kissing and hugging our hosts goodbye, we made our way out into the cold.

On the drive we both became incredibly turned on as we rehashed the evenings events. He pulled his pants down to his waist and I gave him a blow job on the highway as we made our way back. It didn’t stop there though. We had not yet had a chance to be intimate that night since our attention had been focused on four other people.

So at 2:30 in the morning, we found an access road on a deserted country road and pulled off to the side. He turned the car off and dimmed the lights. Pushed his seat all the way back and I rode him hard in the front seat of the car. We both had a crazy, body rocking orgasm and felt satiated and incredibly over the moon happy.We lay there for a few minutes, wrapped in each others arms, the sound of heartbeats mixing in with the insects outside, a melody that will stay with me forever.

Oh what a night. What a moment. What a memory that will last me the rest of my life.

Swinging, providing, it has opened me up sexually in ways I didn’t know existed. I am learning and growing as a woman an sexual being. I am finding what I like, what I don’t, discovering sleeping goddesses inside of me who were waiting for the chance to wake up.

It was a hell of a way to start out the New Year. Can’t wait to see what adventures are in store for me next!


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