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The Ties that Bind

He takes the ties, black and made of silk, places my hands in front of me and binds them together.

The blindfold is next, the satin smooth against my face encasing my eyes in the darkness.

He lays me down on the bed, the cotton of the sheets soothing against my skin.

Liquid warmth invades my pores as the first drops of oil are rubbed into my stomach. I cannot see, only feel and the sensations are glorious.

I want to reach out to touch his face, touch his cheek, I am a kitten, helpless, meek at his mercy and desires.

I jump slightly at the feel of his tongue, tracing lines along my breasts and then my neck. Goosebumps break out onto my arms. He leans in and whispers in my ear. Words of love, need, want, echoing throughout my brain, my body electrified by his touch.

He parts my knees, dripping oil down my legs, rubbing it in slowly as his face settles between my thighs. His tongue becomes an explorer of a new land; his fingers hold the key to unlocking the treasure buried within.

I moan and toss my head back, bite my bottom lip. I cannot see nor touch but I can feel, and it is pure ecstasy, carnal delight.

He enters me, grabbing my ankles and placing them on his broad shoulders, pounding me with the ferocity of a lion. I am a part of his pride, his lioness, and I roar with delight.

I can feel it building, a tsunami of pleasure that threatens to spill over my banks and drown my senses with lust.

I arch my hips, begging him for more, asking him to go deeper and harder, faster and faster. I scream out his name, call out for God as I am thrown into spasms, my heart beating like a humming birds wings.

He leans in and kisses my lips, my cheeks, removes the blindfold from my eyes. I look into his and see Heaven reflected there. See the man of my desires and my dreams.

He unties my hands, and they reach around to hold his neck, my kisses covering his face as he holds me tight.

We lay on the bed wrapped in an embrace, drifting off to sleep. In his hands, I know only love, in his arms I know peace. These are the ties that bind, the ones that are real, the ones of the heart, the ones that speak to the soul in place of words.

He is mine, and I am his and in the moment it is all that matters.

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