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Midnight In the City

Midnight in the City

It’s midnight. The hotel is asleep but the city is wide awake. The thump, thump, thump of cars as they race down the street, a heartbeat of a town that never seems to sleep. I’m restless, lonely, and horny as hell.

Where does a girl go? What is she to do? My toys have been used, my fingers abused and yet the ache, the desire inside of me pulses and throbs. I think of ordering room service, ordering the sexy young bell boy for desert. Would he go for it? Would he say no? If I answered the door in my black silk teddy, high heels and a smile?

Too dangerous I think, one must not dine where she sleeps. Instead venture out into the cold winters night and see what fires can warm this body of mine.

I stop inside a bar, a small, nondescript thing around the corner from my hotel. I’m anonymous, a stranger in a strange town, on the prowl, a kitty kat in heat. I’ve dressed for the occasion. Black, tight dress, my 5 inch heels with the red sole. My hair is down and wild, blown by the wind it matches my mood. My lipstick bright red, the only pop of color on my pale skin.

Eyes turn when I walk in the room. I am giving off a primal scent, something they can pick up, something they seem to like.

“Patience” I tell myself, don’t rush. The night is young and so am I and mommy is in the mood for a play date of the adult kind. I saunter to the bar, careful to avoid eye contact, watching them instead through the corners of my eyes. “Who will it be?” I think. “Eenie Meenie Mini Mo, catch a patron by his toe…” I suppress the smile that wants to creep across my face, order a martini instead.

As I sip my drink, I take the time to look around. I am a little girl in an ice cream shop and there are many flavors I like. There is a good looking middle aged man to my left. Suit jacket casually strewn over his chair, tie loosened from around his neck. His hair is sandy brown and soft with flecks of grey around the temples. When his eyes meet mine I see his eyes are a steely blue, piercing and bright. A few seats away is a dark cocoa colored man, young and fit. His head is cleanly shaven, a goatee adorns his face. Chocolate or vanilla? What mood am I in for tonight?

My decision is made when blue eyes finishes his drink and leaves, leaving me with the obvious choice. I look up from drink to study my selection when I catch him looking at me back. He grabs his drink and walks my way, I find myself imaging what those lips will feel like against my skin.

He grabs his drink and walks over towards me, a smile forms on my lips. “Hello” he says, “I’m Anton”. “Hello” I reply back, “I’m Serena”. “Serena” he says, “A beautiful name to match a beautiful woman”. In spite of myself I blush. I’ve spent the last 5 minutes envisioning him naked in my head yet sitting next to him, side by side, my stomach does flip flops and I get butterflies.

“Well Anton”, I say, “I’ll cut to the chase. I’m all alone tonight and wide awake. I need some, shall we say, physical activity to help me sleep. Would you by chance know a good place a girl can get a hard workout this time of night?”

His eyes don’t hide his surprise at my boldness but he smoothly replies, “As a matter of fact Serena I do. I happen to have a state of the art gym at my place down the block. My equipment is guaranteed to break you into a sweat and work you hard”.

We finish our drinks without another word and I take his hand as we leave the bar. We drive in silence on the way to his home. His hand on my thigh, mine on his cock. We get out of his car and barely make it through his front door before he’s on me. His lips kissing my neck, his tongue flicking my ear.

I am suddenly on fire, electric, filled with carnal desire and want. My hands race down his tight chest, and around his back to his very firm ass. Within minutes my dress is off and on the floor and I am standing in the living room of a very sexy stranger, goosebumps breaking out on my flesh.

His clothes come next and he is a Greek god come to life. Chiseled and tone, my fingers trace the muscles on his stomach that taper to a into a v, an arrow pointing towards an early Christmas gift that I want to unwrap.

I fall to my knees as I unzip his fly, releasing his member from its denim cage. It’s large, throbbing beneath my fingers, hard as steel. I place my mouth on his cock, straining my jaw to fit him inside. He grabs my hair guiding my mouth, my tongue sliding up and down his shaft, my hand cupping his balls and squeezing them. A moan escapes from his lips and my eyes seek out his, words exchanged between us with a glance.

He grabs me by the shoulders and lifts me up from the ground, wrapping my legs around his waist as he carries me to the couch. He puts me down and bends me over the arm, entering me from behind. I bite my lip to avoid screaming out. It is a mix of pleasure and pain as I am filled to the brim with his cock. He rams himself into me, a bull inside a china shop, tearing me up in the most pleasurable of ways. My back arches inviting him deeper inside. “Harder” I tell him, as I feel my orgasm beginning like water in the pan, waiting for the moment to boil over.

“Anton, oh my god, Anton, don’t stop. Please don’t stop”. Harder, faster, he moves inside me, an anaconda eating his prey. Waves and ripples, it’s a fucking monsoon and I am soaked with desire and want. He joins me moments later, fingers digging deep into my skin as he grabs my hips. I can feel his sweat dripping onto my shoulder blades, hear his breathe ragged in my ear.

I gather my clothing then my phone, calling for a taxi to take me back to my hotel.

“Goodbye.” I whisper, “Thank you for a wonderful night”. My lips graze his neck, taking in a final taste of his skin. I leave him standing, naked in his living-room, a smile on his face, a dumbstruck look in his eyes.

The cab arrives and I ride back in silence, replaying the nights’ events in my mind. I tip the driver handsomely and make my way back up to my room. It’s past midnight, and my hunger is satisfied for now. The city may never sleep but I think for now, I just might.


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