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Sweet Release

Your lips are the syringe. Push them onto mine, inject electricity straight into my veins with your kiss.

Your skin is cocaine, the smell intoxicating to my senses. Let me take in your scent and mingle it with my own.

Your fingers are heroine, a jolt straight into my nervous system with every touch.

Your cock is meth. Skyrocketing me straight into the heavens with every thrust, losing myself inside lust and want.

There is no NA for the soul, no 12 step program for recovery. I am hopelessly hooked and in need of your body to comfort mine.

Give me my next hit so I may satiate the beast that lives between my legs and in my brain.

I am addicted, you are the drug, come to me darling and give me what I crave. Come to me darling and give me my sweet release.

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