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First Kiss

I was driving down the road the other night at sunset and saw the most brilliant sky. It looked like a painter had taken a brush and thrown shades of pink, purple and orange into the clouds. I looked at that sunset and for the briefest of moments felt like I had caught a glimpse of Heaven painted in the sky for me to admire and view.

It reminded me of a kiss. The first kind. The kind that is filled with promise, imbibed with magic.

When you kiss someone for the first time and there is chemistry, you can feel it in your toes. The world stops for the briefest of moments and the Universe opens wide. You feel electric and completely alive.

The touch of lips together, the inviting seeking of a tongue, when it’s with the right person, it’s an experience like no other.

Chemistry has the same effect on the brain that you get trying a drug. You feel a rush of dopamine and your neurons come alive. Your body responds on a thousand different levels all at once.

A kiss is also a promise. It’s a promise of what is yet to come. When a man grabs your face, looks deep into your eyes and kisses you, you are being told all you need to know without ever hearing a word.

As I drove looking at the sunset, I saw the beautiful scene before me as my eye wandered to the kiss, that first one. A smile made it’s way onto my face as I put my music up and sang along. There is nothing in the world like a first kiss. When you are with the right person, the best part of all is that every time is like the first time and that’s something, like the sunset, that is beautiful to behold.

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